Top 10 Travel Therapy Destinations

Top 10 Travel Therapy Destinations

Are you an allied health professional looking for a change of pace in your career? Do you like to travel? If yes, keep reading! We dug through the data on our site to uncover the 10 most popular travel therapy destinations in the United States. Find out what they are below!

Top 10 Travel Therapy Destinations

10. Ohio

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a pleasant mix of city living and countrysides, look no further. Travel therapy jobs in Ohio are waiting for you! With top cities like Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, you’re sure to find excitement wherever you end up.

Money Talk: The average salary for allied health professionals in Ohio is $10-42$ per hour.

9. Colorado

Heading West, Colorado takes the next spot in the lineup for top travel therapy destinations. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Rocky Mountains by working in popular cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo. Without a doubt, the scenic beauty of the Centennial State will leave you breathless!

Money Talk: On average, travel therapists in Colorado make around $28-$65 per hour.

8. New York

Whether you work in the Big Apple or a mountain town up north, New York has opportunities across the entire state. Naturally, New York City and Brooklyn are two of the most popular cities, but Syracuse is also a common destination!

Money Talk: The average salary in New York for travel therapists is $12-$45 per hour.

7. Pennsylvania

The Keystone State is next! AlliedTravelCareers is based in Pennsylvania, so trust us when we say it’s a great destination! From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between, this state is packed with adventure. Visit other top locations in the state like Reading and York, too!

Money Talk: Travel therapists in Pennsylvania make about $28-$45 per hour on average.

6. Arizona

Arizona is a prime choice for any allied health professional who wants to escape cold and snowy winters! No matter in which city you end up, chilly weather will be the least of your worries! So, choose a popular city like Phoenix, Tucson, or Kingman for your next adventure!

Money Talk: The average salary for allied health professionals in Arizona is $16-$65 per hour.

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Before we get back to the list, we had the chance to sit down with Angie Yost of Triage Staffing to discuss some of the reasons that travel health professionals are choosing these destinations. Give it a listen!

5. Georgia

It’s just peachy in Georgia! Experience Southern hospitality to the fullest in cities like Atlanta, Columbus, and Savannah. There are opportunities here for allied health workers in any field, so don’t hesitate! Make the Peach State your next travel therapy destination!

Money Talk: Travel therapists in Georgia make anywhere from $28-$46 per hour on average.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina is the ultimate destination for any type of allied health professional! Here, you’ll find a perfect blend of beaches, historic sites, and big cities. Be sure to explore opportunities in cities like Charlotte, Greenville, and Greensboro!

Money Talk: On average, travel therapists make about $15-$45 per hour in North Carolina.

3. Texas

Coming in third place for the top travel therapy destinations is the Lone Star State! No matter your specialty, there are plenty of opportunities for you to thrive in Texas. Find your fit in major cities like Austin, Houston, or Dallas. Similarly, take on an assignment in a smaller city for a true country feel!

Money Talk: The average salary for allied health professionals in Texas is $28-$48 per hour.

2. Florida

Next comes the Sunshine State! Florida is a popular place for travel therapists, and not just because of the warm weather! Many retirees flock to Florida, so there’s high demand for qualified therapists in all specialties year round! Explore positions in popular towns like West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, or Pensacola.

Money Talk: Travel therapists in Florida make about $27-$45 per hour on average.

1. California

Finally, California comes in first place for the top travel therapy destinations! With beautiful, exciting towns like San Diego, Oakland, and San Jose, it’s no wonder why this state is number one! There is an abundance of opportunity in the Golden State for allied health professionals in any specialty.

Money Talk: On average, travel therapists in California make around $27-$52 per hour.

Which of these travel therapy destinations would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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