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Even after years of establishing yourself as a trusted professional in the world of Allied Health, nailing interviews is still a priority when it comes to travel jobs. Regardless of how much experience and time-tested value you have as a traveling allied health professional, that needs to translate to a prospective employer.

Although a huge part of communicating is your physical presence, body language, and many other visual cues, phone interviews really force you to hone in on making the best first impression possible. So how can you be sure your skills are up to code? Try these tips and tricks for allied health phone interviews:

Preparation is your Friend!

As is the case with any interviewing situation, it’s important to do the right research in advance and to practice your answers. Because someone won’t be able to read your facial expressions and gestures, clarity in your responses to any given question will establish a strong sense of knowledge and comfortability — things allied health pros can’t be without!

allied health phone interviews

Avoiding distractions is important to your overall success during allied health phone interviews!

A great tip is to clear and optimize your interview space to minimize as many distractions as possible. No interviewer wants to be interrupted by a barking dog, sounds from a television, or any other factor that could raise questions about your personal life. Be sure to create an environment with the sole purpose of conducting perfect allied health phone interviews.

Better yet, sit at your computer with your current resume, any notes about your employer, and any other highlights, awards, or details that might be useful to whip out at the right moment. Additionally, if you can do some research on the person conducting the interview you’ll have a much better time at understanding how to generate positive sentiments in your favor.

Interview Initiated:

So your Skype call has just begun with the first 15 seconds being crucial to your overall interview. If there is a video feed, remember to smile, present yourself as enthusiastic (don’t overdo it), and as someone who feels confident in their skill set. The same can be said about a standard phone call with the exception of having to change out of your pajamas — although it can be helpful for some to dress as if the interview were in person if only to get in a full-professional mindset.

allied health phone interviews

Getting into the right mindset and setting will help you nail every interview!

Considering that most positions don’t interview a single candidate, you’ll want to reiterate any factors on your resume that really help you stand out during any of your allied health phone interviews. You can’t assume that just because you’ve got a chance to meet with a company that they are fully aware of your credentials or experience.

Whenever appropriate, try to turn questions back to interviewers. This can help to get a feel for what they are looking for, as well as your interviewer’s background and pain points. From there it’s just important to stay calm and take each moment as it comes without getting hung up on any mistake you may encounter.

Allied Health Phone Interviews… Sealing the Deal

Being just as important as your charismatic and professional opening, it’s important to close the call with just as much confidence. Always be sure to thank your interviewer, indicating that you are very interested in seeing this opportunity through. If possible, ask for their name and title if you aren’t already aware. This way you’ll know how to follow up just in case you have several positions in the works.

If your interviewer hasn’t asked about your schedule or availability, just be sure to make these details known so they won’t miss you in the event the position is extended to you. With these tips, you’ll be sure to nail all of your allied health phone interviews and land your dream travel job in no time at all!

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