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I am the Allied Manager here with over 8 years of experience in recruiting, specializing in the Laboratory, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary and Therapy. The relationships I have built with my travelers have been absolutely amazing and I have made life long friends through their travel journeys. Building trust, a friendship and knowing I have your best interest at heart makes everything that much easier and a load of fun!

Who is Jes? A quirky mother of three, married with 2 fur babies who loves to cook, dance, sing and start a conversation with a wall...well that is what my friends have always said :) I make it pretty easy to let your guard down and make the conversation fun!

What about GetMed? We provide competitive pay and offer top rated healthcare travel job opportunities! The experience you will have with GetMed is unlike the rest - We lean into our core values of integrity, excellence and quality and it shines through with every interaction we have!

Let me find your next adventure! :) 


GetMed Staffing
Omaha, NE

We are a diversity owned company, specializing in healthcare recruiting services. We truly understand how important a healthcare travelers' relationship is with their recruiter, as well as our relationship is with our healthcare facilities. We recognize that the needs of our healthcare travelers can vary, and therefore we provide the personalized touch necessary to ensure a successful travel assignment each and every time. Our healthcare facilities and clients benefit from us putting our healthcare travelers first. GetMed Staffing is excited to be a leader within the industry by focusing on providing healthcare travelers with more choices and possibilities as they plan for their next healthcare travel assignment. 


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