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Anna stepped into the role of Vice President of Allied & Related Services in August 2022. Prior to serving in this position, she worked as the Midwest Regional Director and previously as the Kansas City Area Manager and as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is responsible for recruiting and supporting dynamic therapists and collaborating with customers to ensure the development of mutually beneficial professional relationships in the Midwest region.

Anna has a passion for travel and serving others. She has worked as a therapist in a variety of medical and educational settings in local and travel assignments with Quantum Health Professionals.

Anna graduated from The University of Central Missouri with a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2017.


Quantum Health Professionals
Overland Park, KS

Our vision is based on establishing long-term partnerships with both our employees and our clients.

Quantum is becoming “the” healthcare staffing employer nationwide. This is not only because we have competitive pay and great benefits, but also because we understand what is important to both our clients and our employees.

Quantum Health Professionals, Inc., was formed in 2002 to help meet the rising need for allied health and nursing professionals in the Midwest and Nationwide. Our team at Quantum will work hard to find you the perfect assignment and support you through the entire process. You will always feel supported by both your recruiter and clinical liason.

Quantum is owned and operated by clinicians. The administrative team has more than forty years of combined experience working in the health care contracting industry, giving them a comprehensive understanding of contract services within the health care industry. Using this experience as a guide, they have developed a unique work environment for their employees: they understand the challenges that health care professionals face in the work place with regard to “politics” and restrictions that develop in large corporate healthcare organizations. They are also able to identify the barriers that most health care professionals face when trying to find a balance between their careers and personal lives.


May 08, 2020

by Brooke Doak

Anna has been an outstanding mentor to me. I am a recent graduate and this is my first experience in the field. Anna has helped me get started in the working world and made me feel comfortable to ask questions and speak openly about the processes of the school setting. She is prompt to reply when I have questions regarding Quantum or the setting I may be in. She once answered my phone call while she was on vacation, on the top of a mountain. With her guidance she has ensured that I will continue to grow and become an excellent SLP. Anna has presented me praise when warranted, but provides instruction for me to make changes when necessary. I appreciate the time and effort she has put in for me.

May 05, 2020

by Cassandra

Anna has made my transition to working for Quantum an easy one. She is available whenever I have questions or concerns. I appreciate her open communicative nature. Quantum is a great place to work and having Anna to guide you through the process is reassuring!