Top Winter Destinations for Travel Therapy Assignments

best winter destinations

A large part of what attracts physical, occupational, and speech therapists to a travel assignments is to be able to live in exciting places during the best times of the year. Some choose to avoid cold weather during the winter by going on jobs in Florida or Texas in colder months. Others, choose to embrace the beauty of winter by traveling to destinations that have ample things to see and do in the winter. However, the general consensus still remains that unfortunately places like Chicago, Anchorage, and Minneapolis are the places many flee from when the cold rushes in.

Salt Lake City

Travel therapists flock to this snowy Utah state to do some serious exploring in winter months. But, who can blame them considering the amazing winter sports to do in this city? Whether it be skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating; SLC has got the best of it. Having the mountains in your backyard is a huge deal maker for travel therapists when they are choosing a location for a winter assignment. And if the outdoor recreation doesn’t warm you up to the idea of visiting Salt Lake City, some of the tasty American-fare like hamburgers and hotdogs could give you a taste of some summertime backyard BBQ flavors.


Some professionals seek refuge from the cold when they’re choosing where to travel to. Miami is the prime location for the some that like it HOT, HOT, HOT. The salsa dancing, beaches, and Cuban food are enough to make some travel therapists invest some time in this city. But, Miami is not for everyone. Some prefer things toned down a little bit more and as we all know, the entire city of Miami likes to be loud!


Denver is one of the fastest growing U.S. cities both economically and socially. But, in the winter especially, it draws many to visit. Not only are the outdoor recreational opportunities plenty, but the culture is all it’s own. Some things travel therapists like to try out while they’re in this booming Colorado town is the brewfests, scenic parks, art galleries, shopping, and scoping out the slopes.


Some travel therapists want to retire snow boots for grass skirts. And, really, you can’t blame them. Travel careers are genuinely one of the few fields of work that ever give you a reason to get to visit the Hawaiian islands for work. (The closest most get usually is with their pizza toppings.) If you are looking to escape the brisk weather, Honolulu is a very popular choice. The only downfall to a travel therapy assignment in Honolulu is that you might never want to leave this place.


For traveling therapists that despise shoveling snow, the warmer temperatures and low precipitation rates in Phoenix are top notch. What better place to visit than a city where picnicking in December or playing golf in February is a possibility?! Additionally, this city is the hometown of the largest indoor laser tag arena in the world and even New Yorkers say that Phoenix has some of the best pizza ever.

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