There are Big Benefits of Rural Psychology Travel Jobs

There are Big Benefits of Rural Psychology Travel Jobs

We’ve all passed through them – the small towns with one or two traffic lights. The main street is lined with houses, a few churches, a bar, and maybe a gas station or a restaurant if you’re lucky. We drive through these towns on road trips when we’re on our way to more noteworthy destinations. If you’re like me, you think, what would it be like to actually live there? Well – as a travel therapist you can find out! Surprisingly there are big benefits of rural psychology travel jobs! Check out the top five!

Top Five Benefits of Rural Psychology Assignments

benefits of rural psychology

1. You’re helping people who really need it

Many times, people in rural areas do not have access to mental healthcare. Healthcare access, in general, is a challenge in rural America because the hospital is often very far away, and people have limited money and transportation. However, even when they can get to the hospital, there is often a shortage of mental health workers available. Unfortunately, this, combined with the isolation of being in the middle of nowhere, often leads to anxiety, depression, and other health needs that go unaddressed.

2. You have the potential to make more money

The cost of living is much cheaper in rural areas than it is in the city yet travel therapists can make the same amount of money regardless of their destination. One of the biggest benefits of rural psychology travel assignments is that your paycheck will stretch further while you are there. Money is a big motivator, so consider working in a rural area for at least one assignment to capitalize on your earnings.

3. Enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle for a short time

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, then you are the perfect candidate for taking a psychology travel assignment in the country. This could be an opportunity to lay low, relax, and take some time for yourself.

4. Make true connections with people

Some would call this a benefit while others will say this is a curse. When you live in a small town, everyone tends to know everyone. Taking an assignment in a rural location will give you the opportunity to make true connections with people. You’ll most likely get to know a lot of people very quickly and could literally be taking care of your neighbors. You just never know what kind of bond you will create!

5. Find lots of job opportunities

The best news – there are plenty of job opportunities in rural areas. Since there is such a high demand for mental health treatment, there are many travel positions available at all times in rural parts of the country. And it’s not limited to colder climates like the Midwest! There are rural assignments available in the south as well, such as in Mississippi or even Florida. Some of the top travel destinations for therapy jobs include states like Washington, California, and South Carolina.

Three Cons to Consider

1. You’ll be really busy

Since many rural facilities are short staffed, keep in mind that you are going to be very busy. With such a high demand for mental health treatment, this can be exhausting. You’ll have to go into your assignment with this in mind and find ways to keep your own self above water as you wade through the flow of patients.

2. There may be limited after-work activities

If you are someone who likes everything you want and need to be conveniently accessible, a move to the country might not be for you. You probably won’t find world-class dining, a variety of entertainment venues, and all your favorite shops nearby. Like everyone else who lives there, you too may have to travel pretty far to get the things you want and need.

3. Some people feel isolated

While some people thrive hiding away from the crowds, others feel extremely isolated. Something to keep in mind before you take off for the middle of nowhere is whether or not you can handle it. The most important thing to know, though, is that it’s only temporary. Taking a travel assignment is one of the best ways to test if rural living is for you.

What are some additional benefits of rural psychology travel assignments? Share with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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