Psychological Effects of Traveling: So You Want to Work in Allied Health?

So you want to pursue a traveling career? If this sounds like you, then there are a lot of perks that you should be aware of to learn about why this job is amazing. There are a lot of benefits to embarking on the journey of travel physicians and therapists. From the flexibility of hours and the freedom to choose your own assignments, a career in allied health is the perfect combination of work and pleasure. However, despite the benefits of pursuing this career path, are there actually any psychological effects of traveling that makes this decision different than a regular shift at the hospital? For those of you who are unsure about making the switch to traveling careers, here are five reasons why traveling is more than just a perk to your career experiences.

Psychological Effects of Traveling

Psychological Effects of Traveling

#1. Stronger Sense of Self-Confidence

One of the psychological effects of traveling is an increase in self-confidence. With solo travel assignments, you will experience new adventures while adapting to your new environments. This process forces you to step out of your comfort zone. To add, traveling also helps you develop your sense of self while engaging in an exploration period of your life. Therefore, travel careers are perfect for those who are looking to spend some time with his or herself and simply explore life. With a strong sense of self, travel workers are also more likely to gain higher levels of self-confidence. Why is this a good thing? For starters, it is important that any professional working in the medical industry is confident in his or her abilities! Not only will self-confidence help boost your self-esteem, but it is also great for your mental health.

#2. Increased Problem-Solving

Similar to how traveling can lead to a stronger sense of self-confidence, traveling can also help increase your problem-solving skills. Exposure to new environments and experiences forces you to adapt. In turn, this pushes you to utilize your problem-solving skills, which culminates to strengthen your problem-solving skills. These skills are especially important for someone in the medical field because you will constantly be working with a diverse group of people from patients to colleagues. This includes the ability to interact with people of various backgrounds, communication styles, and situations.

#3. Boost in Creativity

Psychology and neuroscience studies have researched the effects of traveling on a person’s brain. These studies were conducted by Adam Galinsky, a professor at the Columbia Business School who concluded that traveling creates a connection between cognitive flexibility and creativity, which is sparked from heightened neural stimulation that occurs when a person is exposed to new environments. Galinsky’s studies highlight how this effect is especially prominent in people who engage in international traveling. This is due to the high levels of stimulation that are provided when immersing in new cultures and habits.

#4. Decreases Stress levels

Although some people might find the process of traveling and moving quite stressful, a traveling career is far from it! With a travel allied health career, you will have the freedom to create your own work schedule. This helps eliminate the stress of consistently working long hours and encountering loss of motivation in your field of specialty. Similar to how adapting various techniques will help with your physical workout, occupying various travel assignments will help keep your brain and emotional health from experiencing burnout.

#5. Conquer Your Fears

It’s no secret that people who travel are more likely to try new things, but did you know that these habits can help you conquer your fears? When you are constantly being exposed to new environments and new experiences, your brain is constantly making decisions that are, oftentimes, outside of your zone. Because you are forced to do this, you are persistently lowering your fear levels.

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