How to Travel Safely Alone & For Long Distances

You chose an allied travel career because of your love of adventure, travel and excitement. You should be able to enjoy the many benefits of this unique career path without the fears and worries that come with traveling to new places. Anticipating and preparing for potential traveling hazards can ensure your safety while you travel to job locations. Check out these tips to learn how to travel safely as an allied traveler:

How to Travel Safely Alone

There are plenty of perks that come with choosing to travel alone, but being by yourself can present additional dangers. If you’re going to travel alone, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

1. Plan Check-Ins with Loved Ones

Your friends and family will appreciate regular texts, phone calls or video chats. It will give you the opportunity to catch-up on things you’ve missed while being away, and you’ll be able to tell them all about your travels. Regular communication is great for these relationships, and the regular chats will allow your loved ones to make sure you’re okay.

2. Find a Mentor

Any new career can be scary at first. If you’re traveling alone, it helps to have a mentor who has gone through the same situations you’re encountering. Confiding in an allied travel mentor will help ease the worries you have while traveling alone. Your mentor can help answer your questions, give you professional advice and serve as an emotional support system while you’re traveling.

3. Be Vigilant

While going out to restaurants and walking through new cities, be aware of your surroundings. Be cautious around strangers, especially if you participate in nightlife. Decide in advance how you’ll get home, and have a contact in the area, even if it’s the bartender, in case you feel unsafe.

how to travel safely alone

How to Travel Safely for Long Distances

If you’ll be traveling to new states or new countries for extended periods of time, there are extra measures you can take to ensure your well-being. Keep these options in mind before making your travel plans.

1.  Coordinate Detailed Travel Plans

Make your travel plans as detailed as possible. Decide whether you’ll be driving, taking public transportation or arranging a flight. If you’ll be driving, bring back up roadmaps, even if you’ll be using a GPS. Your service could cut out or your phone charger could stop working, so it’s always best to be prepared. Having these plans in advance will prevent you from getting lost on strange roads and stopping to ask for directions.

2. Consider Travel Insurance Options

While traveling, it’s important to protect yourself and your belongings. Since you’ll be traveling frequently, the items you carry along with you will be more at-risk of getting lost or stolen. By signing up for travel insuranceyou’ll feel secure knowing your items will be protected in case a bad situation arises.

3. Store Away Important Items

You’ll need important documents for travel and for your new career. Make sure you bring personal identification like your license, insurance information, passport, your social security card and your birth certificate. Not only will you need these items for travel purposes, but new employers often need alternate forms of identification. Consider bringing copies of your birth certificate and social security card, so you don’t lose the originals. Have these documents in a safe place for your reference. It’s also a good idea to bring some extra cash for tolls and parking, and a couple credit cards for emergencies.

While you’re traveling to new and strange locations, it’s a good idea to anticipate any potential hazards and complications you may encounter along the way. Make plans in advance to decide how you’ll handle these issues when they arise. What changes will you make to your plans next time you travel?


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