Is a Travel Therapy Career Right for You?

Imagine being able to travel while using your skills to help those in need. You could meet new people and explore new locations in your free time. You could also gain valuable experiences that will help you build your resume and advance your career. That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? A travel therapy career lets you expand your impact by traveling to different facilities throughout the nation. If you have a taste for adventure and a desire to help others, then a career in travel therapy may be right for you! Read on to get the scoop on this exciting profession!

travel therapy career


Is a Travel Therapy Career Right for Me?

If you choose to pursue a career in travel therapy, your assignments will generally last about 13 weeks. All 50 states have openings in this field, so you can see as much of the country as you’d like while you’re working. Compensation for travel therapists is high because of their flexibility and willingness to move to new locations for work. Employers understand that while moving away from home can be exhilarating, it’s not always an easy decision to make. While you may have initial reservations, becoming a travel therapist is one of the best things you can do for your career and for your own wellbeing. Recruiters are constantly looking for adaptable, adventurous, personable, and motivated therapists to fill openings in health care facilities around the nation. Does this sound like a good fit for you? Continue reading to discover some more benefits of travel therapy!

What are the Benefits of a Travel Therapy Career?

Travel therapists will always be in high demand, so you will never have to worry about job security. Not a bad perk, right? Since you would be working on a freelance basis, you’d also avoid the hassles of long-term contracts and other formalities. These clinics urgently need the support of allied professionals like you. Without your assistance, they would not be able to provide adequate care to their patients. The skills you learn from these assignments will make you an incredibly valuable asset in the health care industry.

As a travel therapist, you will get to experience new places that you may not have visited otherwise. Your recruiter will also cover most of your travel and living expenses as well. With openings in all 50 states, you will be able to cover more ground as a travel therapist than as a tourist! You will walk away from the experience transformed and ready to do it again. And the best part is, you can do it again!

What are the Challenges of a Travel Therapy Career?

This whole travel therapy thing sounds pretty sweet so far, right? It is a great job, but before you commit to it it’s important to understand the challenges that come with it. No therapy job is ever going to be simple. The work you will do as a travel therapist is no different. During each assignment, you will enter a new environment with different people, procedures and, equipment. These new situations can be very stressful at first. Another challenge that travel therapists face is becoming attached to their new clients and colleagues. This can make leaving an assignment very difficult. While it can be sad, you can rest easy knowing that you provided the care they truly needed.

Entering a travel therapy career can often seem scary, but you’re not alone on this journey. Our network of travel therapy recruiters is ready to help find the best placements out there! Your skills are in-demand, but as a travel therapist, you can use them while exploring the nation!

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