Is a Travel Therapy Career Right for You?

explore the country as a travel therapist

If you’re a career oriented individual with a wild side, travel therapy might be your calling!

Imagine being freed from your daily routine to explore new lands, experience new cultures, and still be able to use your skills to help those that need it most. With travel therapy, you are no longer confined to helping only those in your local area. If you have a taste for adventure, then a career in travel therapy may be right for you!

Is a Travel Career Right for Me?

As a travel therapist, you will be sent out to new destinations for often 13 weeks at a time. With all 50 states participating in the program, you will experience a new destination every time you partake in this life-changing event. You will be highly compensated as well, because while traveling out of state can often be exhilarating, it is still a challenge. While you may have initial reservations, working as a travel therapist is one of the best things you can do for your career and your life. If you’re looking to see the country, if you adapt well in different environments, and are a people person then a travel career may be for you.

What are the Benefits of a Travel Career?

As a travel therapist, you will always be in high-demand. Since you are working on a freelance basis, you will be able to avoid the hassles of long-term contracts and other formalities. Also, these clinics urgently need the support of allied professionals like you. With your help, the clinics can run smoothly again and the patients can receive the care that they deserve.

As for the travel aspect, you will be called away to exciting new places that you may not have visited otherwise which is often at the expense of the recruiter. With openings in all 50 states, you will be able to cover more ground as a travel therapist than a tourist could ever imagine! You will walk away from the experience transformed and ready to do it again.

What are the Challenges of a Travel Career?

It is worth understanding a few of the challenges that you may encounter with your new job. No therapy job is ever simple and taking on a travel assignment as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, or therapist assistant is no different. You will enter a new environment with new people, sights, and sounds, and this can often cause momentary distress. As a travel therapist, you will often get attached to your clients as well. It can be difficult leaving your new friends behind once you return home, but you will be satisfied knowing that you provided the care they truly needed.

Entering the world of travel therapy can often seem scary, but know that you are not alone. With Allied Travel Careers and our network of travel therapy recruiters, you will be prepared for every step of your journey. Your skills are in-demand, and as a travel therapist, you can use them while exploring the nation!

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