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Working in allied health is a huge responsibility and privilege for many. With so many roles found throughout the world of healthcare, professionals traveling for new opportunities really make the most of their careers! And while the benefits to these jobs are many, the first step is making a great impression on hiring managers. Traveling the country means having more interviews than the standard permanent healthcare professional. Here we’ll explore some common interview questions in healthcare to make sure you really nail each one!

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common interview questions in healthcare

Let’s face it, interviews always bring a sense of nervousness no matter how well-rehearsed we are. When it comes to healthcare jobs, the questions a manager asks really drill down to some serious subjects. Not only that, but allied health travelers are expected to be at the very top of their game! Interviewers are there to ensure they’re hiring only the very best candidates possible, especially if that person is relocating for the position. All of this raises the bar even higher, although it’s all about knowing exactly how to handle the toughest, common interview questions in healthcare:

“How did you decide healthcare was the right job for you?”

This is the basic “tell-all” type of question that hiring managers want you to really expand on. Sure, we all try to select jobs that will pay the bills, but this is more about your motivations than anything else. Employers know that people with a passion for their work will perform much better than those just seeking to get by. When someone asks about how or why you work in healthcare, the more personal you can make your answer the better. Really, it’s all about connecting profound experiences like caring for a loved one or giving back to a community that fair the best here. If they see that you’re emotionally invested in addition to having the right technical skills, you’re on the right track!

“Why should we hire you?”

First of all, never answer with “because there’s no reason you shouldn’t hire me!” You don’t want to open the conversation up to “constructive criticism” just yet. But all jokes aside, this is one of the most common interview questions in healthcare and many other industries. If there was ever a time to #humblebrag, this is it! As long as you’re speaking honestly, interviewers are looking for you to display your confidence in your skill set in addition to how much you want to progress in your career.

A good approach is using the “rule of three.” Essentially, if you can provide three solid examples of why you’d be a great fit, this is enough to convince even the most stoic of hiring managers! Additionally, be ready to elaborate on any one of your three examples. If one especially catches your interviewer’s ear, this is your chance to make the strongest case yet.

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“Tell me about a time you disagreed with a co-worker…”

Even if you never got into an argument, this question wants to tease out information about your conflict resolution skills. Think of this as more of an invitation to talk about problem-solving than anything else. It’s not that hiring managers want employees who pick fights, but rather those who are self-assured and independent thinkers. Bringing in someone new is a great way to expand a team’s range of perspectives and you’ll want to provide that variety!

Again, having a specific example prepared is much better than drawing a blank when the time comes. Ideally, find a situation that provided a solution you’re proud of with real-world evidence. Better still, find an example where you were wrong and actually had to change your mind in order to reach a solution. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, admitting your faults to interviewers is a massive sign of confidence as long as you’ve learned and grown from the experience!

Through these three common interview questions in healthcare alone, hiring managers gauge your motivation, experience, confidence, and flexibility. Overall, nailing a healthcare interview is about blending quick thinking with prepared examples. Of course, speaking about the technical aspects of your field is also a massive part of these interviews, but interviewers really want to know YOUR story.

How do you prepare for healthcare interviews? Any questions that really caught you off guard? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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