Adult Swim: 8 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Adult Swim: 8 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics used to be considered a form of exercise strictly reserved for geriatrics or pregnant women. But, in reality, water aerobics can benefit adults as well as children in every background and in a variety of ways. Plus, not all pool exercises are created equal— there are styles based roughly off things like Zumba, yoga, and tai chi. Below we’ll take a look at the many amazing benefits of water aerobics!

Benefits of Water Aerobics

1. Low-intensity workout.

Movements in water are so fantastic for the likes of people facing issues like arthritis, leg injuries, back problems or bad knees because water makes you feel 90% lighter. The same way running on sand makes the impact so much harder, jumping and moving in water reduces the impact so much that is can be really great for obese people looking for a positive way to get active. We recommend you mention it to your patients who are recovering from joint injuries or dealing with arthritis. This low-impact exercise can do wonders for these types of ailments.

2. No coordination? No problem.

The beauty of exercising underwater is that when you miss a step, no one’s going to notice the same way than if you’re in a hip-hop dance class or dancing Zumba in the studio. If you’re anything like me, you might be off on some of your dance moves (I lack rhythm.) Submerged movements are way less embarrassing when you’ve got to cover up a mistake. This will also help with your flexibility!

3. Weight loss.

One of the best benefits of water aerobics is the ability to shed those pounds. The Aquatic Exercise Association says that you can burn up to 500 calories an hour from joining a water aerobics class. Hey, we all could benefit from working on our beach bods. You wanna know what else is awesome? Even though you’ll be working up a sweat, you’ll be in the perfect place to cool off!

benefits of water aerobics

4. Help prevent falls.

A study from the University of Washington found that less than 10% of people that had fallen at home and called the Emergency Response Service did anything about it. Water exercises are great to reduce the chances of having another fall. Unless a therapist is trained as an aquatic therapist they don’t typically help patients in water-based movements. However, as a fun and beneficial way to get people to reduce their likelihood of falls, it definitely is something that should be implemented more often.

5. It can be positive for your mental health.

Swimming not only is a great cardio exercise but can serve as a great tool for relaxation. It can reduce high blood pressure and just give you an overall feeling of calm. Both men and women can see their moods elevated from water-based exercise. Pregnant women who partake in water aerobics find that they feel happier and it can reduce anxiety and depression. The benefits of water aerobics aren’t just physical, they’re mental as well!

6. Vertical exercises are great for rehab therapy.

You can increase strength and reduce recovery time after having orthopedic surgery by taking part in some vertical exercises in the pool. The spine gets unloaded and you can maintain balance while working on strength training. When paired with standard physical therapy, you can expect a much faster recovery.

7. Great exercise during hot weather.

“It’s too hot outside to go for a run.” Sound familiar? Summer temperatures are yet another excuse for why we avoid activity sometimes. However, enjoying exercise in the pool can really do a lot to improve your health and well-being while also cooling off on a scorcher.

8. It’s fun.

Water aerobics are good for you and they are a type of activity that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Many people who take classes in water aerobics for the first time mention that they found time goes by so fast that they can’t believe the class is over when it is. Why not give it a try?

Water aerobics isn’t just an “old-person” thing. So make the splash, the next time you’re looking for a great way to stay fit and healthy. Do your patients use water-aerobics to stay in shape? If so, comment below!

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