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Concentric Healthcare Staffing is the last recruiting partner you will ever need. We provide solid, scalable staffing solutions that make sense for your facility. With competitive rates and experienced staff, Concentric Healthcare professionals are not just skilled, but motivated and dedicated to top notch performance.  

We are confident that our staff will not only meet, but exceed the expectations you have for your facility. And we support that confidence through rigorous screening processes that include (but are not limited to): criminal background, drug screens, motor vehicle reports, educational verification and employment confirmation.

Even further, we conduct individual behavioral interviews to look for a history of success, longevity, and consistency.  At Concentric Healthcare, we take staffing partnerships seriously and you will notice the difference.

We can deliver the professionals you need, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we mean 24/7 – we never utilize an answering service. When you call Concentric Healthcare Staffing at our Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters, you will speak with a real Concentric employee who can help evaluate and fill your staffing needs as quickly as possible.  

Choose from a wide range of healthcare staffing solutions:

  • Per Diem/Local
  • Travel and Block Booking
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Direct Placement

by Terri Cason


let me just start off by saying, that Jennifer Liscomb is one pretty amazing recruiter. I have been working with another company and was very unhappy with them. Jennifer and i have been in contact with each other since my first assignment in Arizona, where this is kinda funny she is based out of. she had kept in contact with me through out my assignment checking up on me, my other company never did this. What i like about Jennifer is that she works with CST and other techs, this is a big plus because we get payed different than nurses do and so she finds the best contracts. would i recommend Concentric to my other travelers? you bet i Would in a heart beat. This is only my second assignment and she has been on top of things, she has made it very easy to change over. I got to meet with Jennifer when I was in Arizona she is just as amazing in person as she is on the phone. She is a great recruiter.


surgical technologist

I would like to take a moment to extend my deepest gratitude to Jennifer as a practicing surgical tech I was put in contact with Jennifer after my initial application process Jennifer has nothing but been there for me during all my credentialing due to being offered and accepting a assignment with a very short start date it has been a very fast track process and once again Jennifer has been in direct communication with me for all the steps in a very short time to make my assignment happen Thank you Jennifer

by Carmen Bell

Surgical Tecnologist

Jennifer Liscomb,is the best, she is like family, checking to see if you are okay, she deserves the recognition as the best in the company



Jennifer Liscomb...what all can I say...? I was at the end of my rope with most travel agencies at the time I decided to call Jennifer back..i had been telling her for at least two years that I would do an assignment for her CONCENTRIC..although I was going one bad place to another.Finally I called Jennifer and she came through just as she said she would..i have the best assignment I have worked and will be staying is convenient and I'm home each night ..the best case scenario. I have Jennifer' expertise to thank..and thank her I do each week. With Jennifer on the CONCENTRIC team I am totally convinced that this agency will continue to prosper and grow...thanks Jennifer for helping me when I needed it most..i am indebted to you....lee.

by Sherry


Jennifer is a great recruiter. She ROCKS! It has been a pleasure to work with her. She, by far, has gotten me the best jobs and pay compared to my other recruiters. If you want to go somewhere as a traveler she will find you a job in that state. Always answers calls and emails which is a big plus. Look forward to working with her long term. Thanks for all that you do.
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