You’ll Never Guess Which Celebs Have Speech Impediments!

celebrities with speech impediments

Even though we don’t always like to admit it, the majority of us lead pretty basic lives compared to that of celebrities. I mean, how many times a day do you see your face on the TV screen or inside a magazine? Probably not so often, unless it’s in your facility’s newspaper.

With their perfect hair, makeup, lips, eyes, fingernails, clothes, abs and everything else, it might be pretty hard to think about celebrities being “just like us” when they aren’t on the big screen. But, there is a list of celebs that have seen SLPs like YOU for their speech impediments.

You’ll never guess which celebs had or currently still have speech impediments; here’s a list of some of the well-known:

1. Nicole Kidman: You never would have thought this Oscar award-winning actress suffered with a stuttering problem while growing up. Through the help of her speech therapist and hard work, she overcame her speech impediment (great work!)

2. Drew Barrymore: Although it’s not completely concealed, Drew Barrymore has made her lisp one of her many charming aspects.

3. Michael Phelps: You don’t need to be able to pronounce the letters s, z, f, t and d perfectly in order to earn a gold medal–Phelps doesn’t let his lisp get in the way of winnin’ big!

4. Mike Tyson: Probably one of the most distinct voices in Hollywood, Mike Tyson is well-known for his high voice and lisp– but don’t get it twisted, growing up his lisp caused him to get into many fights with those who were brave enough to make fun of him.

5. Barbara Walters: She’s been around for decades, making a name for herself and interviewing countless celebrities. Despite her being ridiculed for her lisp, she quit her speech therapy lessons and has accepted her speech impediment– congrats to her!

6. Susan Olsen: More commonly known as “Cindy Brady,” we all have heard her adorable lisp at some point in her childhood success. However, thanks to surgery she has since corrected her infamously “cute” lisp.

7. Bruce Willis: As a star in over 60 movies, it’s not commonly known that he struggled with stuttering throughout his younger years. Scared that it would ruin his dreams of acting, Bruce actually felt that it helped him to overcome his speaking issues.

8. Joseph Biden: VP Joe Biden also had a stuttering problem while growing up but has since been able to overcome it before he was first elected to the Senate back in 1973!

9. Tiger Woods: As one of the most successful golfers of all time, Tiger Woods used pet speech therapy to overcome his stuttering issues as a child. He would practice speaking correctly to his dog day in and day out!

10. Daffy Duck: Maybe one of the most known “celebs” with a lisp!

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