You Should be Eating THIS: Superfoods and Energy Boosting Snacks

Nutritionists, dietitians, and even the employee at your local Whole Foods will tell you; “Superfoods” are a big deal. But what exactly is this buzzword everyone has been talking about lately? Well, “Superfoods”, are said to not only curb your mid-day snack cravings or help you maintain a healthy weight with calorie-sparce snacking but they also have been proven to benefit all aspects of your general health. Travel therapists can sometimes lose sight of keeping up with positive eating-habits, but investing in a diet rich in these foods are an easy way to do so.

Reducing risks of cancer, lowering cholesterol, and even causing better moods are some of the perks of Superfoods, according to WebMd. Balancing varieties of these foods can provide nutritional benefits in the easiest way possible and without even needing to take supplements. Also, these foods can easily be found at any grocery store and are great for snacking. Load up on antioxidants throughout long workdays as simply as eating a handful of blueberries. Antioxidants found in blueberries have been linked to cancer prevention and even improvements in brain development.

Which Foods are “Super?”

Super Food Rx’s website lists the following as “Superfoods:”

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