What to Do When Travel Therapy Assignments End

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When an allied health professional decides they want to spice up their career with travel assignments that are short-term, one of the first questions that arise is “what they will do after their job ends?” Well, it all depends on the circumstances. Allied travel jobs are all about gaining new experiences by being able to partake in fulfilling jobs while trying out new places. Sometimes, they’ll decide they like where they’ve traveled to and will pursue full time residency in that area. Other times, they want to go back home or try a different location. You can also choose whether you would prefer immediately beginning a new travel assignment or take a break for a while. The ability to choose and not get committed to anything is what makes travel healthcare jobs so intriguing!

For Those Who Choose to be Immediately Re-assigned

For those who adore the vagabond lifestyle and have no qualms with picking up and leaving immediately following completing a job, recruiters are readily available to help you find a position STAT that matches your talents and destination preference. As always, they will give you all the tools you need regarding housing, mail-forwarding, and every other little detail. Recruiters are superstars for helping travel healthcare professions get going to their next position as soon as they want to! A lot of people want to be working year-round… And really, who wouldn’t? The freedom to try tons of new places with your career is such an awesome opportunity that few other profession paths get to enjoy. You can also always browse jobs or apply to have recruiters compete for your talents right with Allied Travel Careers.

For Those Who Want to Take a Break

For whatever reason, you may want to take a break from traveling. Perhaps at the moment none of the available jobs strike your fancy or maybe you want to focus on something else. If you are financially stable enough; not having a contract can be a great time to pursue a time-consuming hobby, get to partake in volunteer organizations, work on a big project, take care of loved ones, or go on a vacation. Maybe all you want to do is have a brief break from work for a European backpacking adventure or a romantic cruise getaway! It will be a great break and way to get energized for whatever destination you choose to work in next. Maybe taking a break can be a way for you to start doing things you’ve always wanted to do when you have a contract job in the past. That’s part of the beauty about travel assignments, being able to pick and choose.

For Those Who Want to Pick Up Residency Where they Worked

One of the reasons travel therapy draws many in is that its a great way to bring home serious bacon while dipping their toes in new experiences. Its kind of like test driving a new car. “Trying a new location before buying” is what these short-term assignments are all about. If you take up a travel position in a place you adore, you might find that you never want to leave. Sometimes, short-term assignments can ultimately lead you to connections with employers that will want to put you to work for them permanently. Or, you can find another travel assignment locally while you seek a permanent position.

Taking Classes Between Assignments

Talk to recruiters about them helping with you taking classes (you can do this either while working or while on break) and sometimes they will help by offering to pay for them. It’s important to do your research and shop around for the best offers! Maintain your licensure and be on top of the game knowing what you will need to have the most advantages when it comes to applying for future jobs.

No matter what you choose to do between assignments; whether it be taking a break or jumping right back into another travel assignment, the most important thing is feeling like you’re spending your time wisely. You only live once, so make the best choices for yourself and your career.

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