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Advancements in technology are changing clinical practices for the better by making communicating and understanding a diagnosis simpler for patients. As a travel therapist, having mobile access to useful teaching tools is ideal. There are many apps now available for PTs, OTs, and SLPs that on-the-go medical professionals are sure to find handy. They can serve as a great way for their clients to stay knowledgeable and better manage their conditions when not in the company of a specialist. Here are three apps that all travel therapists are highly recommended to look into.

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For Travel Physical Therapists”Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D” is an anatomy app priced reasonably at $4.99. This is an excellent way to visually explain and show patients their injury through 3-D and zoomable diagrams and videos. This is a digital education that both the consultant and client will enjoy and find useful.

For Travel Occupational Therapists – There are a multitude of free applications available to improve fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual attention skills, etc. “4 pictures 1 word” is an app that has been becoming very popular for ages 12 and up. Four pictures all relating to one word are given as well as letters to assist the player in guessing what the photos are hinting to. OTs should advise adolescents who have learning disabilities involving reading and writing to try the game in order to help with improvement in these areas.

For Travel SLPs- “Story Creator” is a free, fun, and easy to use app that allows you to create storybooks using photos, videos, text, and audio. Use it to target specific language components, program words and phrases for home practices, and record speech. SLPs will find this app ideal for using during sessions and outside the office exercises when patients are on their own.

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