Ready, Set, Jet: Top Ten Cities for Travel Therapy Jobs

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The beauty in pursuing travel therapy jobs is the ability to immerse yourself in a whole new world; unfamiliar people, stunning sights, and unique local culture.. all while working in a career you love. But..sometimes, especially for individuals new to the concept of travel careers, its hard to even begin to think about where you would like to go to.

Do you want to travel somewhere in a whole new time zone? Near the beach? Somewhere you can find ski resorts? A place with a colorful arts scene? …it’s overwhelming! That is why I decided to make my own personal guide to the top 10 most popular cities for therapists looking to submit to their wanderlust (as collected from data provided from Allied Travel Careers.)

1. New York City, New York

Ah, the big apple. The city that never sleeps. America’s biggest urban playground. An obvious choice for travel therapy assignment locations. There’s so much to see here that it feels redundant even having to explain it in this sentence. Travel therapy jobs in NYC provide a game-changer for those who are looking to experience big city life. New York City is just one of those places that everyone should get a chance to experience. What better place for a travel therapy career than a place bursting at the seams with diversity, fun, unique casts of characters, and visually breathtaking things to see?!

2. Dallas, Texas

Dallas ranks as the second most popular city for travel therapists. Perhaps its all the tantalizing Tex-Mex cuisine, skylines boasting both modernist and post modernist structures, the booming downtown scene, or the historical richness that attracts so many therapists positions here. Or, maybe its all those things and much much more! Whether you are rocking cowboy boots and chowing down on some authentic real mid-south BBQ or dressed to the nines with dinner reservations at the Ritz-Carlton’s prized restaurant Fearing’s; there’s a spirit in Dallas that can appeal to every walk of life. Additionally; the scenes for sports, entertainment, education, and the arts are unmatched in Dallas.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Travel therapists seem to desire the freedom to follow the flow of the breeze…to the windy city, Chicago. With a U.S. city population size only surpassed by N.Y.C. and L.A., Chicago is a mecca for finding stimulating cultural events and a thriving metropolitan area screaming to be explored. Chicago is the premier destination for those who want to visit live comedy shows, engage in visual arts, theater, or live jazz performances. Also, this city has a team for every professional sports league!. Need I say more? Oh, and while you’re there, save me a slice of their famous deep dish pizza…nomz!

4. Miami, Florida

PTs, OTs, and every other specialty therapist looking for exciting travel assignments are packing their polka-dotted bikinis and headed to Miami. Ranked as the “cleanest city in the U.S.” and flowing with Spanish-influence, Miami has a variety of wonderful things to fill your down-time with fun. Please your palette with cuisine remnant of a Caribbean  or Latin American locale then burn off the calories with a bicycle ride to the beach. End your evening with a night out on the town and enjoying a cocktail at a high-energy nightclub, perhaps? Plus, its just a short car ride from Orlando or Key West. Travel therapy jobs in Miami provide a gorgeous getaway while working in a career you adore.

5. Auburn, California

Auburn, California is definitely the wildcard of the list. Not as many people are familiar with it than the other major cities. Even despite its lower notoriety,  this west coast destination is a rad place to travel for a fun-packed travel therapy job. Auburn is considered one of the best places to live in northern California, in fact. The quaintness of the town and the low population offer a welcomed retreat from the intense crowds of the urban sprawl. White water rafting, antique shopping, white tastings, and partaking in delectable culinary confections are all part of the whimsical charm found here.

6. San Diego, California

8 hours south of Auburn, is another California city that made its way to our list. San Diego is just a stone throw away from the Mexico boarder and has some of the most renowned climates of any location. Offering mild winters and warm, dry summers, and little humidity; this destination is the ideal choice for any therapist looking to find comfortable weather while on a travel assignment. Travel therapists in San Diego can find themselves meandering around Lego Land, Sea World, and San Diego Zoo. Additionally, the 70 miles of dazzling coastline doesn’t hurt the city’s case either…

7. Atlanta, Georgia

Travel therapy jobs in Atlanta are so hugely popular because this city has a flair for fun. When you think of “Hotlanta” you think of peach tree-lined streets, Coca-Cola,chicken with waffles, and Varsity (America’s biggest drive-in.) Basically, if you’re on a diet I hope you aren’t reading this. But also, this place is full of brand new things to feed creative spirits with a thirst for thriving culture. The downtown life includes everything from the invigorating to the exhausting; nightlife, decadent shopping, and visits to art galleries, concerts and architectural triumphs.

8. Los Angeles, California

Therapists looking to reach for the stars find safe retreat in travel positions in the home of Hollywood; Los Angeles. What can be said about L.A. that has not yet been said? Its one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the whole world,  full of modern comforts, has an overload of days filled with sunshine and beautiful people everywhere you look. Los Angeles is a perfect place to find a travel therapy job if you enjoy the latest fashion and cultural phenomenons.

9. Houston, Texas

Houston, the second Texas city to appear in the top ten most popular destinations for travel therapy jobs, is the fourth most populous U.S. city.  And this city is massive! The city is riddled with little sub-cultures that never cease to enlighten travelers. If you can deal with a little humidity, then the city is a vibrant dwelling for anyone that desires something different. Symphonies to saloons, Houston is the absolutely most variety-filled place to embark in the next chapter of your career’s story.

10. Charlotte, North Carolina

The final destination of the top ten most favored cities for travel therapists is Charlotte, North Carolina. And really, that’s no surprise. The summers are hot, winters are cold, and the taxes are low. Also, there’s an abundance of museums, musical performances to catch, beautiful parks to stroll in, and the friendly local residents. Charlotte provides a perfect place for comfort and entertainment seeking travel therapists.

Do any of these popular destinations sound appealing? Search for job openings in these cities and many more today at Allied Travel Careers.

Author: Allied Travel Careers

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