The Biggest Challenges in Physical Therapy

Let me start this by acknowledging that being a physical therapist rules. There’s a wide type of client types, work settings, opportunities, altruism, and super great salaries.  But, a job is still a job nonetheless and with victors always come the spoils.



There’s a major time crunch that comes with even starting out your PT career. 5 years minimum (typically 6 or 7) need to be dedicated to becoming one in the first place. And, we’re all thinking the same thing before graduating—–“ain’t nobody got time for that.” But pulling through is definitely worth it and the accomplishment “light at the end of the tunnel” feels like heaven. But, school is extremely expensive. So you better have a pretty slick plan for paying off those pesky student loans. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree minimum. Plus, you can’t forget about those oh-so-dreaded continuing education requirements they’re going to throw at you to keep up with industry trends. And, those too, usually will charge a fee.

Burn Out

Don’t you get absolutely famished after a long shift? Yep, we all do. It’s the worst. Physical therapy burnout is a real struggle and I don’t have to tell you twice that the struggle is REAL. Job demands weigh on shoulders heavier than a ton of bricks. Where’s the therapy for the rehab therapists, right?

Keeping Fit

Something that many people don’t consider when they are considering a career in the therapy field is that you yourself need to stay in top-notch for the duties of the job. Being in lacking physical form means that you should probably start considering an alternative line of work. After all, you’re not going to be able to lift someone or keep on your feet if you yourself are barely able to do those gestures yourself without breaking a major sweat.

Emotional Drain

A majority of the clientele seeking physical therapy have gone through devastating injuries or debilitating illnesses. The primary objective is to get patients into their peak levels in their everyday lives. However, if you are easily affected by the lives of the people you’re helping, there can be major issues emotionally. Seeing a young star athlete struggling in the aftermath of some heinous injury, for example, can be pretty darn soul crushing. It takes a thick skin to avoid getting personally affected by the turmoil of a client.

Long Days

Wouldn’t it be absolutely peachy to know you’re working 9 to 5? But, life happens. As in any other medical profession, you’re going to encounter some bumps in road. Some patients run late, causing other things to get pushed, appointments go longer than anticipated, and some desperate clients that need squeezed in last minute.




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