Summer Jobs In Between Travel Therapy Assignments

There are many benefits to working as an allied travel therapist, and perhaps the most appealing benefit is the ability to have a flexible schedule while picking and choosing assignments. It’s summer time, and it is beautiful outside, so who wants to be working inside, right? Yet, you still need to make some money with some summer jobs in between travel therapy assignments. What do you do? Since you’re already used to working jobs where you can travel and live in different locations, keep in mind that there are also seasonal travel jobs out there that will give you a break from the daily grind of healthcare so you don’t get burned out. Sure, they most likely won’t pay as much as your professional healthcare gig, but they will give you the opportunity to embrace unique experiences that many don’t have the freedom to enjoy. If you are looking for a temporary position to get you by financially in between travel therapy assignments, check out these cool jobs where you can travel, make money, and enjoy the summer weather. Also, don’t forget that Allied Travel Careers has job openings listed year-round, so be sure to check out the available therapy assignments across the U.S.

Five Summer Jobs in Between Travel Therapy Assignments

Here are five summer jobs where you can travel while you are in between therapy assignments.

Camp Counselor

There are plenty of camps throughout the United States where you can work as a counselor for the summer. As a therapist, whether you are trained in occupational, physical, speech or another type of therapy, your skills may be particularly useful in a summer camp setting. You don’t even have to work at a camp where you have to stay in a cabin if you don’t want to. You could instead work at a summer camp that is attended daily, such as a local sports camp for kids.

jobs in between travel therapy assignments


Let’s not forget about the classic summer job working as a lifeguard. You’ll need a special certification for this one, but there’s no better way to soak up some sunshine, get in shape, get paid, and also look out for others while working. Lifeguards can work at pools, beaches, or lakes to keep an eye on swimmers. Lifeguard jobs can take you to the east coast, west coast, or gulf coast, or you could even work at a local swimming pool if you want to stay close to family and friends.


If your wanderlust has you eyeing opportunity overseas, you could always take on a temporary teaching job for the summer and tutor English as a second language in another country. Often times these jobs only require that you have a four-year degree and that you speak English, so you could easily take on a position such as this in between travel therapy assignments. This would give you the opportunity to experience different countries in your travels.

Tour Guide

Across America, there are unique tourist attractions, and they all need tour guides! If you have knowledge about a place, whether you are from there or because you studied it in depth, share what you know with tourists visiting the area! Some cities even have drinking tours, so if you know a lot about a certain bar hop from your college days, you could take a trip down memory lane. If you’re good at talking to people, working as a tour guide is a great option for a summer job in between travel therapy assignment.


You most likely won’t get paid as a volunteer, but if money isn’t an issue for you, consider volunteering. The nation has 59 registered national parks, and each state is full of parks that need workers to maintain the property, direct tourists, and keep things running smoothly. See if a park near you needs help, or knock off a bucket list item and head to a different part of the country to help out for the summer.

We want to hear about your summer adventures! What’s a unique summer job or vacation you’ve taken in between travel therapy assignments?

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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