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Mary has been a physical therapist for over 20 years, and she’s starting to get a little burnt-out. Unfortunately, her 50-year-old body can’t handle the long, streneous shifts on her feet like it could two decades ago. She isn’t ready to retire just yet, but she definitely wants to look into some non-clinical physical therapy jobs as soon as possible…

Can you relate to Mary’s situation? Have you ever found yourself wondering what else you can do with a physical therapy degree? If so, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some popular non-clinical jobs for physical therapists, so keep reading!

non-clinical physical therapy jobs

6 Non-Clinical Physical Therapy Jobs

1. Teaching

Physical therapists, especially those that have been in the field for a while, can make excellent educators. Aside from teaching physical therapy, PTs can also be successful teaching courses in anatomy, physiology, or biology. Additionally, PTs even have the option to teach webinars and online courses from home! If you like the idea of keeping your physical therapy knowledge fresh while educating a new generation of PTs, consider this as an alternative career!

2. Health Writing and Blogging

Do you like to write? If so, healthcare writing or blogging could be just what you’ve been after. There are all sorts of medical blogs and websites that are looking for professionals to contribute. Use your medical knowledge to write articles or blogs for companies that need help from someone with your expertise. Health writing is an especially good choice for PTs that are nearing retirement but aren’t quite ready to stop working completely, as it’s a pretty low key gig.

3. Healthcare Recruiting

Recruiting is an awesome alternative career choice for physical therapists. As a healthcare recruiter, you’d work with employers and facilities who are searching for allied health professionals. Your job would be to find people who are a good fit for each position. One of the perks of transitioning from a PT to a recruiter is that you can use your existing connections to help find the right people to fill the right roles.

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4. Telehealth Physical Therapy

A telehealth PT is a professional who delivers physical therapy electronically instead of in person. While telehealth PT is technically still clinical work, many PTs find this as a very flexible, liberating alternative to clinical physical therapy. Telehealth is a great option for PTs who want to keep using their degree and knowledge without it taking a physical toll on their bodies. In telehealth, PTs can choose to join an existing company that offers telehealth services or even start their own telehealth company.

5. Sales and Marketing

While this career seems like it may be coming out of left field, it’s a viable option for those looking for non-clinical physical therapy jobs! There’s a wide range of possibilities for PTs within the sales and marketing industry. For example, you could be a sales rep for physical therapy products or equipment. This may involve demonstrating your products to various businesses or facilities, or even training existing therapists on how to properly use the products.

6. Clinical Review

Going the clinical review route is another great option for physical therapists who wish to work remotely. This job consists primarily of reviewing other physical therapists’ clinal notes and confirming their treatment plans to make sure they’re justified. Another component of the job is to educate staff members on proper billing practices for insurance companies. Keep in mind that clinical review jobs typically require at least a few years of clinical practice.

What do you think about these non-clinical physical therapy jobs? Do you think they’re good alternatives to clinical physical therapy jobs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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