Technology Trends in 2020: Changing the World of Healthcare

Technology Trends in 2020: Changing the World of Healthcare

The year 2020 has included many medical advancements and cutting-edge practices to adapt to the ever-changing world of modern-day healthcare. Technology trends in 2020 continue to provide new outlets for doctors and patients to work together to provide the most effective and personalized treatment for the best results. Furthermore, COVID-19 caused a pandemic that yielded the need for new healthcare technology. The medical field had to adjust technology and practices in order to safely care for those with the virus and without. With all that is going on in the world, technology in healthcare will continue to play a large role and expand at a rapid pace. Check out some of the top healthcare technology trends of this year!

Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2020 

 More Utilization of Telemedicine

For years, telemedicine has helped those in rural areas, overcrowded cities, or who are without transportation to use electronic devices to have a call or video chat with a doctor instead of having an in-person visit. This eliminates the problem of not being able to see a doctor on a regular basis. Due to the Coronavirus, many visits to the doctor’s office and physical therapy offices were canceled in recent months. However, telemedicine came in handy to help make up for these appointments that could not safely be done in person. Healthcare providers have widely adopted patient check-ups and virtual therapies via telemedicine to reduce possible exposure to the virus. It can also be used to screen those with COVID-19 symptoms. Telemedicine had not been widely practiced until recently but is now a staple of healthcare technology trends in 2020

technology trends in 2020

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things is a system of wearable devices that allow medical data to be easily transferred and shared from patients to medical professionals through an internet-based system. These devices worn by patients can track symptoms and chronic illnesses in real-time. This can lead to faster, more accurate diagnoses, fewer mistakes due to human error, and lower costs of services. IoMT also allows for more personalized treatment due to the constant stream of information collected when worn by a patient. In 2020, 20 to 30 billion ToMT deceives should be distributed.

Predictive Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict our future health based upon our family tree and current daily practices? Turns out we can! A technology called predictive analysis has made it possible to compile a patient’s personal information and DNA records in order to generate statistics related to how prone one is to illness and how successful treatment could be. Doctors can then create personalized to an individual’s exact needs according to what their DNA profiles indicate. This technology could reshape the world of physical therapy and help people avoid predicted injuries. How’s that sound for a trendy healthcare technology trend?

Chatbots and AI

A large concern related to healthcare and COVID-19 is that people have to come into doctors’ offices and risk virus exposure. They are not able to maintain social distance when receiving certain necessary testing, exercises, and checkups. Telehealth is not the only strategy that has been implemented in order to combat this issue. Chatbots are based upon augmented reality (AI) software that collects data and is automated to create responses to a user’s needs. While scheduling a therapy appointment might be difficult during these times, offices have begun using chatbots. Through these bots, patients can ask questions that the chatbot provides a helpful response to. This eliminates the need to go into a physical building and allows for a question answered quickly and effectively. As chatbots continue to advance, they can also respond with pictures, videos, articles, and other helpful information to aid patients.

The future of healthcare may always look uncertain as illnesses come and go, but it is certain that technology will develop new ways to effectively and safely care for those who need it. Despite the challenges of this year, healthcare technology trends in 2020 still simplified caring for patients and saved countless lives. Do you know any other healthcare trends we might have missed? Have any helped you throughout this pandemic? Let us know in the comments!

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