ExoWear: The Physical Therapy Fitbit

35197235 - activity tracker on a woman's wrist

35197235 – activity tracker on a woman’s wrist

About 1 in 5 people in the United States owns a fitness tracker. This popular technology has people buzzing with ideas about how personal health devices could impact individual health care.

Just last year, The New York Time’s reported that remote patient monitoring technologies could save the health care system upwards of $200 Billion dollars in the next 25 years. Fitbits, smart watches, and the like, have the potential to open up so many doors for health care. ExoWear is an example of some of that potential being realized.

The Creators

22-year-old New Yorkers, Stephen Cheng and his twin William are co-CEOs of the Exowear company. They have developed a technology similar to popular fitness trackers that allows for more effective at home physical therapy. Stephen and William’s grandmother undergoes physical therapy for her osteoarthritis. They realized that she didn’t maintain proper form when she did her at home regimen. The brothers became attuned to the way proper physical therapy can have an uplifting effect, not only on the physical life of an individual, but also improve their emotional and mental health.

What is ExoWear?

36192110 - woman having knee pain isolated on a white background

36192110 – woman having knee pain isolated on a white background

The company plans to offer physical therapy patients 2 to 3 wearable sensors to monitor movement during their home exercise program (HEP) to advise them on proper form. Exowear’s prototype is fastened to specific areas of the body, and then the sensors will measure movements during the wearer’s exercise.

They designed with the patient in mind, focusing on comfort and usability as well as accuracy. The information servers ExoWear uses are very safe and will not allow unauthorized users access to personal information.

The instantaneous feedback during HEP, as opposed to a week without their physician’s feedback, allows for an engaging process that strengthens the connection between physician and patient. Stephen and William would find comfort in knowing that their grandmother is doing her exercises at home with the help of ExoWear.

When can you get it?         

So far, the monitors are still in development. Thus far, it only cost about $45 to make two of the sensors. The company is already in contact with manufacturers in the United States, among several other countries.

Stephen and William have already procured a provisional patent and hope to have a patent in the coming months. You may be seeing ExoWear on the shelves in as soon as a year.

More Information About ExoWear and The Company

The small company is still working on building a following, but you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExoWearOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExoWearOfficial/

Website: http://exowear.co/index.html#more

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