Changes Coming to Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards

Changes Coming to Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards

The American Occupational Therapy Association maintains a high standard of ethics among practitioners, with regard to the treatment of patients. The current Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards of 2010 addresses these standards in detail.

As an occupational therapist with Allied Travel Careers, you are required to adhere to all facets of the Code of Ethics as it pertains to your client base, including any modifications made by the AOTA Ethics Commission throughout the life of the document.

Scheduled Changes to Current Code of Ethics

Beginning in April of 2014, the Ethics Commission began meeting to discuss proposed changes to the current Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards. This was done as part of a routine 5-year review process of official documents.

From April through June of this year, input on these changes is welcomed from members of the AOTA. If you wish to weigh in on the discussion, you may send an email to Your comments must reach reviewers by June 6, 2014, to be considered.

Reveal Scheduled for August

Throughout the month of August, 2014, the proposed changes to the current Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards will be on display for AOTA members in the form of a draft posted to the website. You will find the link on the AOTA Alerts page.

Members will be notified by email when the link becomes available for scrutiny. A discussion forum for members reviewing the draft will occur simultaneously. This is to ensure members have ample opportunity to read and discuss the proposed changes and to provide beneficial feedback.

Throughout this time, the Ethics Commission will accept email comments at the address listed above, and a survey will be generated to garner additional feedback.

Second Draft Begins in October

From October through November, the EC will work to incorporate the feedback it received from members concerning proposed changes. A second draft will be generated that reflects input given by members, state licensure boards and NBCOT.

In December of 2014, the revised draft of proposed changes will become available for scrutiny. At this time, feedback from members must be directed to their RA representative.

Vote to Adopt Revised Code to Take Place April 2015

In early spring of 2015, the Representative Assembly will meet to vote on whether to adopt the revised code as written. Once the document has been voted on and approved, the changes are slated to take effect. At this point, all AOTA members are required to understand and adopt the new code.

To stay versed in the changes that will be taking place, it’s vital that all Occupational Therapists employed by Allied Travel Careers remain knowledgeable about this procedure from beginning to end.

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