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Healthcare Staffing Services 

Concentric Healthcare Staffing is the last recruiting partner you will ever need. We provide solid, scalable staffing solutions that make sense for your facility. With competitive rates and experienced staff, Concentric Healthcare professionals are not just skilled, but motivated and dedicated to top notch performance.  

We are confident that our staff will not only meet, but exceed the expectations you have for your facility. And we support that confidence through rigorous screening processes that include (but are not limited to): criminal background, drug screens, motor vehicle reports, educational verification and employment confirmation.

Even further, we conduct individual behavioral interviews to look for a history of success, longevity, and consistency.  At Concentric Healthcare, we take staffing partnerships seriously and you will notice the difference.

We can deliver the professionals you need, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we mean 24/7 – we never utilize an answering service. When you call Concentric Healthcare Staffing at our Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters, you will speak with a real Concentric employee who can help evaluate and fill your staffing needs as quickly as possible.  

Choose from a wide range of healthcare staffing solutions:

  • Per Diem/Local
  • Travel and Block Booking
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Direct Placement


July 28, 2021

by Mike Galloway

Kalvin is fantastic. Both him and Concentric have helped me out with everything, from going through the process to getting me a contract to finding somewhere to stay. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested!

February 16, 2021

by Bonnie G.

I can't say enough good things about Kalvin and Concentric. Kalvin expertly and efficiently helped me navigate through the hiring process. He was readily available to answer my questions. Even now he periodically keeps in touch with me to make sure things are going well. Awesome good experience in every respect!!

February 09, 2021

by William Pillor

In 30 years of medical imaging, I've been recruited a heap. Kalvin is my recruiter. Yet, he's never pitched me. He's never got me to sign onto an assignment, and then shorted me somewhere after I'm all in. (happens a lot) He's typically way ahead of the process and kindly about a heads up when I need it. Something is due shortly; an annual renewal, paperwork, a time sheet. (some times we ARE just crazy busy) Little or big, Kalvin is on it. Even keeled. A fantastic go between when you're busy doing your part. Kalvin has been spot on from the day I met him. I've been with Concentric since early 2000. My only Agency in 10 years. It's been good. And it is good. Thank you Kalvin. Thank you Concentric.

February 09, 2021

by Kiwaski Vaughn

Kalvin is the best agent! Kalvin assisted me on my very first out of state assignment. I was very nervous and unsure of things because of my unfamiliarity. He made my transition very smooth and uncomplicated. He also helped me with having a place to stay upon arrival, he did very well in communicating with all the involved parties. Kalvin is very good at getting you the pay want, and negotiating contracts. Kalvin is the #1 agent, and I would definitely recommend him as an agent and his agency for any contract assignments.

February 08, 2021

by Veronica H.

Kalvin is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He’s very professional and very knowledgeable in his field. I also like that he keeps up with checking in on his recruited team and always gets back with any questions or follow up information. He’s a very nice guy and easy to speak with. I would definitely recommend Kalvin as recruiter.
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