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Elisabeth joined Prime HealthCare Staffing in 2007. She brings with her over 20 years of recruiting experience in the areas healthcare, chemical and accounting. If you have had the privilege of working with Elisabeth then you have experiened her enthusiasm for recruiting and working with traveling therapists across the country. Elisabeth will quickly become your "Go To" recruiter to get you started on your ideal assignment and she is available 24/7. When not hard at work for you, she can be found working with Leader Dogs for the Blind, or on the tennis courts.


A privately owned Michigan based company, the partners behind Prime HealthCare Staffing come from the fields of healthcare staffing, rehabilitation facility management, home health care management and skilled nursing facility operations. Each partner brings his or her unique experience and perspective to Prime, making us a company that truly understands the fit between professional staffing and rehabilitation services.

Over the years, we've grown large enough to provide nationwide coverage across a spectrum of allied medical fields, yet we still provide the kind of personalized service that you might expect from a much smaller firm.

Call Prime, and you'll speak to a human being, not an endless electronic menu of irrelevant options. If you send us a message, we'll contact you promptly. And best of all, we'll communicate with you - openly and honestly, with timely feedback, accurate time lines and more.

It comes from having a people-centric philosophy - one that not only keeps us focused on the experience, skills and qualifications of each of our healthcare professionals, but also the specific needs, work settings and patient populations of every one of our customers.

In fact, Prime is so focused on people - both our employees and our customers - that we can't help but be driven by the same motivations that drive them:

For our employees, it's a motivation fueled by the notions of potential, promise and possibility. Its about new challenges, achievement and accomplishment. Being a Prime employee is not for the idle or the easily satisfied. It's for the ambitious with a restless heart - for the adventurer in all of us. For those who are seeking what's next, how to get better - and what they need to do to reach their goals. For them, Prime offers the promise of reward and discovery. We bring the excitement and satisfaction of new and different work environments. Sometimes it even translates into tremendous career advancement and personal growth.

For our customers, it's a motivation pushed by a deep-seeded desire to find the ideal healthcare professional that can meet their needs, compliment their team and care for their patient population. For those in a position to hire, it serves as a reminder that there is often a better alternative to their local talent pool - an alternative that enables them to locate the elusive talent and skill set that can make the difference between their facility leaping forward or just keeping pace.

Through our relationships with both employees and customers, Prime HealthCare Staffing has built a reputation of integrity and honesty. We're a company that constantly strives to deliver on a simple pledge: to be thoughtful, approachable, helpful and human - and always have our priorities in the right place.


March 16, 2018

by Danielle Nonn

Wow. Words cannot describe how much respect and appreciation I have for Elisabeth and the Prime team. Elisabeth has always been so personal and timely in responding to my questions and always makes the best effort to make sure the traveling position is what best suits me. I would recommend Elisabeth and Prime to whoever is wanting to pursue their career as a traveling Physical Therapist to have a very incredible experience. Thank you Elisabeth and Prime! :)

March 13, 2018

by Eric Vogler

It has been a pleasure working with Elisabeth for the past three years. My wife and I chose Prime Healthcare to work with largely because of Elisabeth and the personal touch she brought to the equation. We appreciated the smaller company as it really brought an individualized approach to being a traveling physical therapist that I felt was lost when speaking to some of the larger companies. Elisabeth was also willing to help in a timely manner with any issues that arose, and worked very hard alongside her team of colleagues to ensure our needs were met for each contract.

March 13, 2018

by Kristi Vogler

My husband and I worked with Elisabeth for the past three years as traveling physical therapists. I cannot say enough good things about her! What stood out to me about Elisabeth (and Prime HealthCare Staffing as a whole) was her responsiveness at all hours of the day, and her quick resolution of any issues that arose during contracts. No matter what time zone we were in, I could send an email or text at any hour and be assured Elisabeth would handle address my issue. Elisabeth worked very hard to find contracts that suited both my husband and I, and was not pushy about jobs we had no interest in. Prime maintains a good personal relationship with their clients, ensuring that the contracts we took were great jobs. In addition to her professionalism, she was very friendly and personable, taking time to get to know each of her traveling clients and building a relationship on a personal level. Despite the fact that she is a Patriots fan, I would highly recommend any traveler reach out to Elisabeth and Prime HealthCare. They me be a smaller company, but their personal touch and far reaching quality job contracts will not disappoint you!