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Ok guys, I am seriously the MOST FUN recruiter there ever was! (Or at least that is my motto anyway!) I love my job, I love all my travelers, and I especially love following them on Instagram so I can stalk all of their adventures! :) I have been with Med Travelers for almost 3 years and I am hoping to one day be just like our CEO, Susan Salka! I promise to take great care of you and be 1000% transparent, so, even if you just want to pick my brain or use me as a free resource-- I AM HERE!! I would totally love to chat!


AMN Healthcare is a leading force in the healthcare industry, committed to being the most trusted, innovative, and influential partner for healthcare organizations. With a focus on providing quality patient care, AMN Healthcare offers holistic solutions that reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve efficiencies. The company boasts over 30 years of experience and takes pride in staffing leading healthcare facilities with the nation's best travelers. As an industry leader, AMN Healthcare offers a diverse team dedicated to supporting healthcare workers and facilities, ensuring a personalized and supportive experience for both clients and candidates.


May 20, 2020

by Karen

Kalie is aways quick to get me a job when I need it most! She has always been there for me with a quick response when I have a question, and she is honest and transparent throughout the process. She knows the business well! Whenever I have had an issue she knows who I need to talk to and is able to get things done quickly. She has earned her reputation for being one of the best!

September 06, 2019

by Kristina

Kalie has been amazing! I'm currently on my first travel assignment and it has been going so well thanks to her! I actually met her at CSM a couple years back and remembered how knowledgeable and honest she was when answering all my questions about travel PT. Now, with her being my recruiter, she's super quick to respond and always makes sure I am in contact with the appropriate people to help with any concerns I may have. Really recommend choosing her as your recruiter!

August 12, 2019

by Suzanne Vetter

Kalie is so fantastic!! She is excellent at communicating, honest and prompt. She is extremely organized as well and she LISTENS which is such a fantastic quality for a recruiter to have. I have worked with her on and off for the past two years and have nothing but positive things to say! She is such a hard worker and I love working with her! I highly recommend partnering with Kalie.

August 11, 2019

by Andrew

Kalie has been, hands down, the best recruiter that I have had to chance to work with.. I have been traveling for 3+ years now and ONLY been with AMN Medtravelers. Of course, I have reached out / been in touch with other recruiters from other companies, especially at a times when I was not so sure of my longevity with Medtravelers. I did change recruiters with in the company to Kalie and she was LITERALLY a breath of fresh air! She renewed my spirits for travel. I stayed with AMN because of Kalie's energy and her compassion when assisting me with my contracts. I truly appreciate all that she has done for me thus far and I will definitely continue to book with AMN as long as she is my recruiter!

August 08, 2019

by David

I have worked with Kalie for a few years and have worked with 2 other agencies over that same timeframe. After 2 other agency experiences I decided that it was important to me to just stick with Kalie. She is driven by loyalty and she makes it easy to stick around. I was never given the same attention by other recruiters and I know Kalie deals with a multitude of travelers at any given time. She somehow seems to be able to manage it all.
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