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I am a National/Senior Therapy Recruiter and have been with Advanced for over 5 years now. I have experience working with travelers at all stages in their careers. Everyone from new grads right out of school to people with 30 years experience and everything in between!

I also oversaw our entire new grad program for 2.5 years and have traveled to/attened countless events nationwide. 

I can honestly say that I never saw recruiting as a career path for myself, but once I got involved in the industry I quickly found a true passion for what I do. I love getting to know people from every background you can think of and have cultivated true long lasting friendships throughout my journey.

On a personal note, I have 2 kids (a 7 year old boy and a newborn little girl). I love staying active including golfing year round- even through the Colorado winters and play competitve baskeball year round as well!

If you need anything, or think I may be able to help with your career, please let me know!


Advanced Travel Therapy

Broomfield, CO

With a singular focus on therapy, Advanced Medical is the premier place for a unique travel experience. We have national reach with a personal feel. Our clinical support, mentoring programs, and elite medical partners ensure a diverse and rewarding professional experience.


by Vanessa

Occupational therapist

Codey is simply great! From the start he has been very helpful in answering all my questions, he is a very knowledgeable recruiter, easy going and attentive. He goes above and beyond to ensure the traveling process occurs smoothly and without hiccups. As a new grad traveling seemed somewhat overwhelming and questionable but working with Codey has made the initiation and transition to travel rewarding and comfortable. Hands down "the best"!

by Amy Sorace

Physical Therapist

This is my first time working a travel therapy position and Codey has been an amazing recruiter! He is always prompt in responding, positive, efficient and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about Codey! I highly recommend him as a recruiter.

by Erica

Speech-Language Pathologist

I graduated in May 2016 and wasn't sure of the population or place I wanted to settle with. I thought traveling would be a fun and interesting way to begin my career so I submitted my information to the Advanced website and Codey contacted me promptly. He was attentive to all my questions and knew what information I should know as a new grad/traveler. Before my first assignment started he checked in with me frequently to ensure the process was going smoothly. I know I can reach out to Codey for anything regarding my current and future assignments. He goes above and beyond to ensure his therapists receive not only a quality but an individualized experience!

by Erin


As soon as someone mentions to me that they are interested in travel therapy, I immediately recommend that they call Codey. He's an extremely knowledgable recruiter and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's upfront with expectations and will work his hardest to get you the contract that is best for you.

by Tonika

Occupational Therapist

Codey, Codey, Codey... What can I say in a few words about someone who has been so amazing to me as a recruiter?

Codey has HANDS DOWN been THE BEST RECRUITER I have ever had! I started off with him as a new grad and I am certainly glad I have had the WONDERFUL privilege to have him be an integral part of my career processes.

RECRUITER??? Codey has become FAR MORE than just a mere recruiter for me. He is in fact, like FAMILY to me! What other recruiter calls and/or texts you on fridays to check on you? What recruiter responds to you AFTER HOURS including ODD HOURS about random questions or thoughts? What recruiter is patient and actively listens and works diligently to help you to find what you are looking for? What recruiter knows the right things to say to help you calm down when you are freaking out in regards to any issues with an assignment and/or life events impacting your well-being.

I've tried to "be grown" and "test the waters" only to find out that there is NO ONE ON EARTH like CODEY THALACKER!

I have been traveling with Codey for quite a few years now and I wholeheartedly am "TEAM CODEY"! I appreciate all that he has done for me. I have bragged about him for many years to all my fellow travel therapists out there who are unhappy with their recruiters and some have crossed over and remain "TEAM CODEY".....

Great guy, great support, great reliability, provides great advice and guidance.... Did I say he is GREAT? If not, I just want the world to know that he really is GREAT!

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