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June 23, 2021

by ZaWondra Lee

My Recruiter is QUEEN of the Recruiters!!!

So I'm sure I have only a short space to leave this review so I will try and be brief but it's going to be hard because I could write a page about ELIZA MILLER!!! Next month will be our 3 year anniversary and every minute of our relationship has been a true blessing! She came into my life at a very transitional time. I was about to give up on traveling with Trustaff because I had not received an assignment and I was starting to believe what I was told about it being too soon for me to start traveling. My previous recruiter couldn't seem to get me out there and then enters ELIZA MILLER and she changed my life! She got me my first assignment, helped me find housing and every week for 3 years, we talk and she makes sure that I am safe, satisfied and well treated. I now have other companies trying to recruite me and I have told them that I am spoiled and I don't believe anyone would ever be able to fill Eliza's shoes. It's because of her committment to not only me but her other travelers that I will not even entertain other companies. She is UNMATCHED and deserves every award, prize, bonus, vacay, corner office, personal assistant or any other perk! I LOVE MY RECRUITER! I hate to share her but I know I must,lol.

June 21, 2021

by Paula Baca

Truststaff is a great company

I like working for Trustaff and my recruiter Eric Lamson is awesome.

June 10, 2021

by Christina Fleek


My experience with Trustaff has been so enjoyable, I have been working with Johnny Allen for a year now, we wasn't able to get my first assignment right away due to COVID , but soon as the doors were opening back up he landed me a contract. Location was important to me, he didn't stress me out or overwhelm me with the search. I feel he gets to know you then submits your application that fits you, he is a great listener and explains everything to you. I have recommended him to other travelers and they were happy as well. I have no regrets working for Trustaff- the recruiter is who makes the company look good , I have made a good choice. I also get follow up phone calls from other staff with Trustaff making sure everything is ok . Truely appreciate all they do and all my concerned are never ignored.

May 24, 2021

by Angelo Phillips

registered nurse

I would really like to say that as a first time traveler, Trustaff has been very helpful and amazing. I especially want to thank the recruiter that was assigned to me, Aunna Mastro from Trustaff that was there for me every step of the way throughout the entire process. Even through the end of the contract, she was accessible and responded pretty quickly to questions/frustrations that I had. I enjoyed working with both Aunna and Trustaff and look forward to more adventures to come.

May 17, 2016

by Kelvin Ellis

Anesthesia Technician

Great and enjoyable company to work for. With this being my first time traveling, they've made the transition for me very comfortable. The staff is professional and does everything they can do for you. I'm definitely glad I chose this company.
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