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Physician burnout is common in the medical field. Routines contribute to this feeling of dread or exhaustion that comes with being burnt out on the job. If you’re looking for a new career direction, we have just the opportunity for you. Travel therapy jobs are becoming increasingly popular, and we have some tips to help get you started on your new path!

Travel Therapy Jobs

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Allied Travel Careers (ATC)

While it might seem a bit boastful to promote our own page, ATC has a variety of services that will aid you in changing your career path. Whether you’re looking to apply for jobs, or just read up on some tips, we have it all!

Browsing Jobs

While ATC is only a third-party job board, (meaning we don’t hire for travel therapy jobs ourselves), we do have a ton of options for you to search for jobs and apply for them on your own! You can search for all jobs, agencies, or recruiters if you have a specific one in mind. There are so many ways to find the travel therapy jobs you’ve been looking for. You can even search by specialty! When it comes to the most tedious part of a career change, Allied Travel Careers has your back.


Blog posts are an awesome way to find helpful tips or lifehacks but can be especially helpful when it comes to a career change! Allied Travel Careers has not only a blog but many categories of blog posts that can help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for. These include career resources, technology, and many more! We also found a list of bloggers that you could benefit from including:

Travel Therapy Jobs- why make the switch?

Every travel therapist has different reasons for making the switch. They could’ve switched due to higher pay, job flexibility, or even the simple fact that they just wanted to travel the country. Travel therapy jobs are the perfect excuse to live the traveling, adventurous life you’ve always dreamed of while still making money. Normal travel therapy assignments last somewhere around 13 weeks, which helps eliminate the chances of feeling burnt out. You are constantly adapting to new environments and new co-workers, giving you the sense of change without changing everything about your job.


While the job description is almost if not identical to permanent therapists, the pay for travel therapists can often be much higher. In fact, in some cases travel therapists made up to 20% more than their permanent counterparts. The best part about this pay increase is the fact that you could make the same amount of money in a much shorter amount of time than permanent therapists. Pretty cool right?!

Test Driving Locations with Travel Therapy Jobs

Moving is a terrifying ordeal for many people. It is daunting both with the amount of expense and work that it takes, and also with the fear of the unknown. What if you move somewhere and end up hating it after a few days? This is one of the hidden gems of travel therapy jobs. If you are on assignment somewhere and absolutely hate it, you never have to go back there again after your assignment is over. On the flipside of that, if you go somewhere and really love it, you have most likely experienced enough of the culture over the course of your assignment to be able determine whether or not you’d like to visit there again.


One of the most under-appreciated benefits of travel therapy jobs is for sure the ability to network yourself. Networking is such a big part of the workforce nowadays, and the consistent traveling allows you to interact and build connections with a wide spread of people/potential employers. Not only are you networking yourself in terms of potential future jobs, but you’re also growing your skill set by learning from those around you.

Interested in making a career change? Browse our job page, and leave us a comment below with any questions you have!

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