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They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, if it’s worms you’re looking for, I’m not your guy. But if it’s travel assignments … I’m definitely your guy! Always first in the office, I make it a priority to be available to my travelers at all times ... I love placing medical professionals all around the U.S. where they’re able to broaden their horizons and explore brand-new cities! The feeling I get when my clinicians love their assignment is the best feeling in the world. That, and spending a day at the beach here in sunny San Diego.

With awards like Most New Placements in the Company, Top in Tenure and a promotion to Senior Recruiter, placing clinicians all over the country is something I pride myself in.

If you’re in surgical services, respiratory services, laboratory, therapy or radiology, give me a ring or drop me a note at (858)754-8155 or [email protected] Let’s start this travel journey together.


Aya Healthcare
San Diego, CA

At Aya, we believe that good enough is never good enough. We are so obsessed with creating exceptional experiences for our clinicians that we formed a Travelers Experience Department just to ensure that when you travel with Aya, you travel happy. Team members are available 24/7 in case you need them.

As an Aya traveler, you choose your own adventure. Do glittering city lights call your name? Then head anywhere from The Big Apple to The Big Easy! Are you more of a nature guy or gal? Maybe whitewater rafting down the Colorado River or hiking through the redwoods of Big Sur are more your style. And if relaxation is the name of your travel game, then grab your flip-flops and kick back on the white sands of Miami beach.

Our partnerships with healthcare facilities across all 50 states means we offer the widest base of assignments in the industry. When you're an Aya Healthcare traveler, the entire country is your playground, your inspiration, your home. And with open jobs across the nation, your opportunities are virtually endless.


February 21, 2020

by Devinne Martin

Xander was the first recruiter that I spoke to when I started traveling. He made everything simple and easy to understand. What I didn’t know, or what confused me, he worked through with me until I did. He constantly checks in with me to make sure that I’m happy with my assignment and is always around if I have questions or concerns. Xander truly cares about doing a good job and is always enthusiastic about doing so. It’s been great!

February 19, 2020

by Jenay Hansen

Xander has made switching from Full Time permanent staff at a hospital to my first travel assignment a super smooth and easy transition! He helped me through my first travel assignment and continues to be a great resource for me. With Xander as my recruiter I will definitely be sticking with Aya Healthcare!

February 19, 2020

by Javon Barroga

He is most definitely one the best recruiters I’ve worked with so far. I told him what I was looking for and what I needed in an assignment. He got that for me plus some. If I have a problem he is quick to solve it. He has always strived to get me the best results in each assignment. His work ethic should be the standard for recruiters.

February 18, 2020

by Spencer Bachus

Xander is a consummate professional and an absolute delight to work with. I have been with him nearly a year and I couldn’t imagine not working with him. Xander is incredibly forthcoming and honest which are traits I value most in a recruiter. Further, Xander is extremely responsive and gets back to me within an hour regarding any questions or concerns I ever may have. I couldn’t imagine traveling without having him on speed dial.

February 18, 2020

by Denise O’Neil

I’ve worked with several recruiters, but for me, there is no recruiter more passionate or dedicated than Xander. I have yet to work with another who operates with as much of a sense of purpose, and has as much enthusiasm and energy as him. He is a very detail oriented professional that is hard working and tenacious. I can count on him to find me the best contracts, and to have my back and stay in touch with me consistently while working a contract. We are on opposite coasts, and a few times I needed to speak to him at an absurd time for him on the west coast, and he is always fast to respond. and each time. His dedication in making sure that everything goes well during all steps of the process, even months after working in a contract is amazing. Xander is extremely personable with high standards and realistic objectives. He’s the best in the industry!
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