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Brandon Myers

National Staffing Solutions

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I am very passionate about recruiting and the therapists I work with. I make a promise to myself and everyone I work with to work hard and diligently to help put my therapists in the best job and situation possible.


I go above and beyond to make sure that the people I work with are treated well and I work fast to resolve any issues that would ever arise and always have the therapist best interests in mind. You can rest assured that I will always treat you professionally and with the respect and transparency that you deserve.


As your recruiter you will always be able to rely on me to be working for you, your career, and your future. I will always be available to you and help you in any way that I can.


On any given weekend you can find me walking around at an amusement park or on a golf course with my wife.


National Staffing Solutions
Winter Park, FL

National Staffing Solutions is a leader in the travel healthcare industry with a focus on placing healthcare professionals in positions that allow them to gain valuable experiences, fill the skyrocketing demand in their field, and travel nationwide at premium pay.

National Staffing Solutions uses their insight, experience and nationwide resources to make exceptional connections every day! Through their many years of service, they are now positioned perfectly to pass your name and resume to their healthcare partners that are looking for YOUR help.

Healthcare environments across the nation choose National Staffing Solutions as their workforce partner to solve professional shortages that range from immediate quick-fill demands to areas with near future medical openings. Hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout North America rely on them each year to connect with top-tier, caring professionals, like yourself, who are ready to work.

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