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↞work. play. repeat↠

✈travel junkie✈

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I am a former bartender turned recruiter, and I love what I do! Whether it's pouring a drink or finding a traveler's dream job, I thrive on meeting people. I'm always transparent and believe that trust and honesty are the key to doing this job. I love my travelers and am always looking to add a few more to the team. Whether you're brand new to the game and in need of info or just looking for a fresh start with recruiters, I'm down. 

The travel world is full of possibilities, and I'd love to be the one to help you find them:) 


Embarking on an allied travel career with AMN Healthcare means a wealth of resources at your fingertips and a vast array of exciting opportunities across all allied healthcare disciplines, settings, and practice areas. Whatever your personal and professional goals are, AMN Healthcare is ready to build a partnership of success and match you with your dream allied travel assignment.

Beyond high-paying travel jobs, you have access to exceptional benefits that prioritize your well-being and professional growth. We take pride in being the nation’s leading allied staffing agency, ensuring top-tier assignments and unparalleled support for allied healthcare professionals nationwide.


February 11, 2021

by Taylar Gallup

Megan has been one of the most important people in my travel journey over the last 3 years. She was the first person I ever spoke to regarding traveling. She took the time to answer any and all of my questions, when I had no idea what travel life entailed, and she didn’t get any added benefit from that. We spoke for over an hour on that date and she was more than happy to do that for me. I called her confused, stressed, and not knowing what I wanted to do. I ended that conversation confident, excited, and with a much deeper understanding of everything, and ready to start applying to jobs and put my 2 week notice in at my full time job. She has had my back through it all. On the way to my first assignment, before I even got there, I was given my 4 week notice, as they had hired a full time employee. Megan worked hard and endlessly to call around and found me a job close by to start immediately once this one ended. During my second contract, a hurricane was coming, and my rehab director tried to intimidate me into sleeping at the rehab facility for a “hurricane party”, even though I was extremely uncomfortable with that. When I called Megan, not knowing what I should do, she made sure I knew that my safety came first always, and that she and AMN would have my back with whatever decision I made, esp if that was to evacuate the area and miss work against my DORs request/demand. That hurricane did hit, harder than they had anticipated, and my building was destroyed (so thankful I evacuated!). She then supported me and my choice to begin a new contract, when this company wanted me to drive 2 hours to a sister facility to finish out the remaining 2 weeks I had left at that facility. Megan allowed me to call her to vent, cry, or ask questions that weren’t really in her domain. She always went out of her way to find the answer for me, and allowed me to make her the middle man. She never once complained, and was always so excited for me and my adventures. She allowed me to contact her on weekends, including Saturday nights at 10 pm, and usually responded. I don’t need that kind of support anymore, as I’ve now been doing this for 3 years and 10 assignments, but I will be forever grateful to her for allowing me to pester her constantly when I did need it. Megan has gone above and beyond to help me, get me the jobs I want, and support me even when that meant no benefit to her. She was understanding when I switched travel agencies for a job she didn’t have and couldn’t get me. Megan has been not just a recruiter, but the reason I have succeeded as a traveler. She is my mentor, friend, sister, and cheerleader. Ive worked with and spoken to multiple other recruiters, but Megan is easily and will always be my favorite. Consider yourself lucky to have her as yours!

September 07, 2019

by Megan

Megan is a great recruiter! As a new grad travelling right out of school, it can definitely be a bit overwhelming going through the process of finding the right contract. Megan was so helpful, informative, and supportive in helping me step by step. She was always quick to respond to any questions I had, and I always felt like she had my best interest at heart. I felt so lucky to have her!

August 17, 2019

by Joann

It has been wonderful working with Megan! Her work ethic is admirable, dedicated to finding the right fit in the area of my interests, responds immediately, and advocates for fair pay. She has provided me interviews within hours and I am very happy with my first assignment thus far. I look forward to working with her as she will be coordinating me and my fiance, who will also be a PT, joining me in this PT Travel journey. I highly recommend Megan (:

August 15, 2019

by Sam

It'd be hard to find a recruiter as hard-working, dedicated, and down-to-earth as Megan! She has been able to find me jobs in the areas I'm interested in working in and always negotiates for fair pay. It's really important to find a recruiter who is able to answer your questions whenever and is a clear communicator, and Megan is just that! Could not recommend her more.

August 14, 2019

by Rachel

Megan has been the absolute BEST recruiter I could’ve asked for! When I moved across the country, I was having difficulty with another recruiter finding a placement for me. Within hours of connecting with Megan, she found the perfect place for me and was already getting the paperwork completed! Megan is always available to answer questions and is so kind and thoughtful, I feel so lucky to have been connected with her and I look forward to continuing to work with her! If you need someone who is committed, hard working, and super sweet, Megan is the best choice!