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My name is Josh Thompson and I have been in the healthcare staffing industry for the past couple of years. I love doing my job because I get to help people fulfill their dreams of traveling, better their job situation, and I am with them every step of the way! My company has been around for over 12 years in which we staff all healthcare fields, but I specialize in our Therapy division.

As a Senior Recruiter, I have all disciplines PT, OT,  SLP, PTA, & COTA working for me all throughout the US in just about every state! What separates me from other recruiters is that I am fast to respond, I always put your needs first, I am a straight-shooter, very honest, dependable, detail-oriented, easy to talk with, and you will be the first therapist in the US to know about a job when it opens whether it's a local contract, travel contract, or permanent position! I staff all needs ranging from PRN, part-time, or full-time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via phone or email to get connected today, and let’s make your dream of traveling a REALITY!  

I look forward to speaking with you!


National Staffing Solutions
Winter Park, FL

National Staffing Solutions is a leader in the travel healthcare industry with a focus on placing healthcare professionals in positions that allow them to gain valuable experiences, fill the skyrocketing demand in their field, and travel nationwide at premium pay.

National Staffing Solutions uses their insight, experience and nationwide resources to make exceptional connections every day! Through their many years of service, they are now positioned perfectly to pass your name and resume to their healthcare partners that are looking for YOUR help.

Healthcare environments across the nation choose National Staffing Solutions as their workforce partner to solve professional shortages that range from immediate quick-fill demands to areas with near future medical openings. Hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout North America rely on them each year to connect with top-tier, caring professionals, like yourself, who are ready to work.

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February 23, 2019

by Michaela

A friend gave me Josh's contact information and I am so happy I reached out to him. I was pretty nervous about making the move to NYC from Pittsburgh but thankfully Josh was there for me EVERY step of the way. It will be 7 months since I began working/living in Brooklyn...and it is a relief to know Josh is still here for me with any questions I have. Josh is an amazing person and recruiter to work with. I can not thank him enough!!!!

February 12, 2019

by Marianna

What to say about Josh? He is a pleasure to work with, always available, diligent, easy to talk with, and interested in you and your needs professionally and personally. He will check in with you on a regular basis discussing your assignment good or bad. Josh is always available or will call just to check in, talk send pictures of his adventures and likes to see pictures of yours. Josh is always there to lend a helping hand in a crisis or just to listen. He is a pleasure to work with always keeping you informed of opportunities and options for my professional career and position choices, to put it in a nut shell I’m glad he is my recruiter and would recommend and have to others. He has always expressed the highest level of professionalism with the human touch as my recruiter. (Thanks Josh)

February 10, 2019

by Amanda Forsythe

Um, let's just say the first thing that comes to mind: Josh is AHH-MAZING! I'm really not kidding! He's personable, honest, attentive, knowledgeable, relatable, genuine, and has a true travel addiction just like me! There has never been a moment where I felt I had made the wrong choice in traveling with Josh or National Staffing Solutions! Josh and his crew really make me feel safe in knowing they have my back when I'm across the country from all my friends and family.

February 01, 2019

by Nancy Richman

Josh is excellent at his job a top notch professional. Best recruiter I have ever encountered! So glad to be a part of his “team”.

January 31, 2019

by Alicia Haase

I have worked with a number of staffing agents in various companies, and Josh is among the best! He is attentive (even in off hours), and seems committed to my happiness as a client of National Staffing Solutions and as a therapist out in the field. I do not hesitate to contact Josh in a bind, he is always ready to make things easier. Some agents work like salesmen, Josh works like a friend!
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