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I've been staffing therapist's for 6+ years now and absolutely love what I do.  Throughout the years, I have had a few roles including a recruiter, account manager, Team Lead, Director of Mentoring and Branch Manager... at the end of the day, I'm always a recruiter!  The staffing industry is always evolving, changing and coming up with new "current" standards.  I take pride in educating potential candidates, offering insight to the job market and prepping candidates on what to expect from interviews/assignments.  I've learned over the years, you cannot assume anything, always over communicate everything and to never hold grudges.  As recruiters, we like to think we can control everything, but that's not always the case.

Cariant Health Partners is a full-service staffing firm specializing in contract/travel openings and/or permanent full-time positions for healthcare professionals.  We focus on career development of PT, OT, SLP, PTA, and COTA's.  We are certified by the Joint Commission, partnered with over 3,000+ hospitals, affiliate vendors and companies throughout the United States.  I'm available 24/7 (with respect for personal time - outside of work).

Outside of these office walls, I have a loving wife (yes that is her in my photo) who teaches 1st grade (god bless her) and loves to golf as much as I do.  We have 3 fur-babies.  Two dogs (Lucy, border collie mix and Koda, a shbia inu) and a cat/puma (Jackson).  Like I said, we love to golf, travel, eat/cook, watch the show "Chopped," take pictures of our animals and enjoy an adult beverage or two on the weekends.  I like to think of us as the "All-American Family.” :) 

I'd love to help you and your career if you're looking for something new and fresh.  Feel free to reach out at any time!!




Helping healthcare professionals find rewarding travel careers since 2001.

In these 20 years we’ve come to learn that it’s the travelers we’ve helped and the long-term relationships we’ve made that make us proudest.

When you’re working away from home, these relationships are important. With Cariant, you’ll have someone you can count on and grow with in your travel career—a devoted, trustworthy guide, who makes you a priority and cares about helping you find happiness and fulfillment in your travel experience.

And as a healthcare-owned company (founded by a physical therapist and a nurse) who understands and works with caregivers, we go the extra mile to tend to your needs.

Our mission: We will exceed expectations to foster connection with our travelers, clients and each other.

We’re a small, boutique travel healthcare company. Our recruiters work with a smaller number of travelers, so they’re able to give you the attention you deserve. You’ll get better communication, faster responses and more customization of your contracts. You’ll be listened to and checked-in with often to make sure everything is going well—in life and at work. This level of commitment and service is what helps our travelers feel comfortable continuing their recruiter-traveler relationships year after year. We’re in it for more than just 13 weeks.

We’ll be there for you, so you can be there for patients and facilities in need.

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