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Host Healthcare is a premier travel healthcare staffing agency, located in sunny San Diego. We staff RNs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, PTAs, and COTAs. We not only make it possible for you to land a high-paying job in your dream location, but make it smooth sailing for you from the time when you first apply to us. We offer a mentorship program, license reimbursements, CEU reimbursements, arrival and ending cost reimbursements,  tuition bonuses, housing help, full benefits, excellent compensation, flexibility of schedule, experience in multiple settings, and you get to travel to/experience new areas!


Host Healthcare
San Diego, CA

At Host Healthcare, we are dedicated to empowering the life and healthcare career you deserve. As an allied or therapy professional, you will be matched to one of our responsive recruiters who will have your back throughout your journey. You will also be connected with a full support team that was rated #1 in Nursing Satisfaction by MIT Sloan Management Review.

No matter if you want to explore the other side of the country or stay close to home, our team can help you get there. With Host Healthcare, you’ll get exclusive access to thousands of jobs in all 50 states. This means you get priority access to apply to travel and local assignments before other applicants.

We know that you are so much more than a number and we work hard to ensure you have the best benefits for you and your loved ones. During your assignment, you’ll be able to select premium benefits like Day-1 health coverage, 401K matching, travel reimbursements, housing support and more.    

Take control of your life and career with Host Healthcare.



·       A dedicated and responsive recruiter who has your back

·       Priority access to jobs in all 50 states at every major healthcare system

·       Day-1 medical benefits that last up to 30 days between assignments

·       Day-1 401K with company matching after 6 months

·       24/7 support

·       Clinical support throughout your assignment


August 18, 2016

by Lauren Hammock

Jordan has been a great recruiter throughout the year I have been employed by this company! He has made every request possible, gone out of his way to make sure my assignment is going as planned, and checks in with me weekly in case of any issues. If there is one person from the company that I suggest getting in contact with it would definitely be Jordan! He is so personable and will go out of his way to make sure any traveler feels at home in their new location!

February 12, 2016

by Derek Somerville

Host overall has been a fantastic company for which to work. I was fortunate enough to be recruited by Jordan Lerner. Throughout each travel assignment, Jordan was able to make each and every one of my requests happen. Whether it was location, pay rate or stipends, Jordan seemed to just make it work! At no time did I wait more than a few hours before hearing back from Jordan or any staff really with Jordan was always straight forward with what was going on and was able to help me adapt to contracts being ended early. Even with knowing that I would not be traveling for too much longer, Jordan put forth the effort and nailed me an awesome contract right in the location I was looking. Thank you Host and particularly Jordan for the customer service and general awesomeness!

August 19, 2015

by Jessica

Jordan is amazing!! He has made himself available to assist with any questions or query I may come across regarding my travel assignment. Additionally, he is concise, friendly, and efficient. I feel very lucky and honored to be working with Jordan in my new life adventure in Anchorage, Alaska.

August 18, 2015

by Owen Tabelisma, OTR/L

Jordan has been a great recruitment manager assisting and guiding me in all my travel assignments. He is always there to answer all inquiries and ready to lend a helping hand to address concerns. A great worker and good listener. Thank you Jordan for all your assistance.