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As a Certified Great Recruiter and Leader with 8 years of experience, I take pride in my work and team of travelers. I've learned the industry recruiting all facets of healthcare professionals and paid close attention trends that allow me to better consult those on my team. My strong suits are being honest, fair, responsive, respectful, and will never push you towards something you don't want to do!

Outside of my career, I'm a wife and mother of two young, wild boys. Having this experience, helps me understand why healthcare professionals need an advocating recruiter in their corner: Nobody has time to waste. Everyone has different goals from supporting their family to visiting bucket list locations to even watching your bank account grow and I'm here to help you accomplish your goals!

Can't wait to connect with you!

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White Glove Service Isn’t Just for Employers IntellaPro emphasizes a commitment to personalized service. We believe that commitment should be applied not just to employers, but to YOU: the dedicated nurses and allied health professionals we work with. From the minute you send us your resume to the moment you walk through the doors of your latest assignment and even on the job, you can be sure you’ll be well taken care of. You’ll receive benefits and support, from travel housing stipends to continuing education. We understand that no two nursing or allied health jobs are created equal, and your recruiter will work to understand your skills and preferences so they can match you with the settings and facilities where you’ll thrive. If you’re ready to broaden your healthcare career horizons while experiencing tailored recruitment services, reach out to our team today!


June 10, 2024

by Mark B.

Caterina always listens to my needs and desires with contracts, makes them a reality in what she presents and ultimately helps me get. She is very honest, responsive in a timely manner and follows up regularly (even while on contract). Caterina is a rock star recruiter!!

June 06, 2024

by Hayley B.

Caterina was always available to me and never made me feel like a burden. She always kept me updated on things and truly worked hard to get me the best out of my assignments. She is truly a blessing!

June 04, 2024

by Leslie F.

Caterina is always willing to help me work through things and to logically plan my needs out. She has a family also so she understands how important that they are a priority with my contract. Any time I reach out to her, she’s responding within a timely manner. appreciate her time and everything she’s done for me this contract

May 31, 2024

by Alexandra G

Caterina is an outstanding recruiter and person. She has always had my best interest at heart and has given me so much support and guidance along the way. Caterina has made travel nursing so enjoyable and is always checking up on me even between assignments. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. If I could give an even higher rating than what was provided, I would!

May 28, 2024

by Kayla J.

Caterina was my first recruiter when I began as a traveler. She quickly became such a integral part of my career that I didn’t have another recruiter for almost 5 years. As a traveler, what your needs are are tailored to you when you have her on your team, and aren’t put in a “one size fits all” type of recruiter/traveler relationship. You’ll always get prompt, honest responses with her and will never feel cheated because everything is always laid out for you.
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