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Brooke Armstead

Nurse First Travel Agency

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Prior to starting my role as a Traveler Advocate (recruiter) with Nurse First, I completed 20 travel assignments over 6 years. I have a genuine and strong understanding of the challenges and rewards of the travel industry. My overall goal is to ensure the travelers I work with have an amazing travel experience by utilizing my personal experience and industry knowledge. 


Nurse First Travel Agency doesn't only work with nurses but our founder is a nurse and was a nurse prior to starting the company in 2017! We believe in cultivating a culture that truly puts the clinician first by working with and not against their agency.

We are an AI enabled company that allows clinicians to get submitted to jobs faster, see more about jobs than they can throughout the rest of the industry, and dollar for dollar that we see from the facility, the clinician makes more with Nurse First! However, this doesn't mean we are full tech-based. We have amazing people, including our Traveler Advocates, where they are needed. This is in ensuring the clinician has an amazing and seamless experience from submitting to jobs, facilitating offers, onboarding, and enjoying their dream job!


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