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Megan Huelskamp

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Hello! I am Megan and I am a recruiter here at GetMed Staffing in the Allied division. Focusing on Labratory, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary, and Therapy and all the wonderful people that come with those professions. I am here to listen to you, prioitize your needs, be your advote, as well as your biggest cheerleader throughout your travel journey. Honesty and  transparency are two core values you can always count on from me! :)


GetMed Staffing
Omaha, NE

We are a diversity owned company, specializing in healthcare recruiting services. We truly understand how important a healthcare travelers' relationship is with their recruiter, as well as our relationship is with our healthcare facilities. We recognize that the needs of our healthcare travelers can vary, and therefore we provide the personalized touch necessary to ensure a successful travel assignment each and every time. Our healthcare facilities and clients benefit from us putting our healthcare travelers first. GetMed Staffing is excited to be a leader within the industry by focusing on providing healthcare travelers with more choices and possibilities as they plan for their next healthcare travel assignment. 


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