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Shanda Gomez

Delta Healthcare Providers

(214) 442-4424

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  • I've been recruiting for Delta Healthcare Providers for the past 5 years, placing solely PT, OT and SLP specialties across the nation.
  • Recently we added Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses to our staffing platform due to covid-19 needs.
  • I'm a wife and a mother to a wonderfully active 5-year-old boy who keeps me on my toes! Family is everything.
  • My work motto is that "I treat all my providers as part of my family." Jokingly, I say that some weeks I spend more time with them than my own family... and some weeks that's absolutely true.
  • Communication is key! I value the art of consistent communication.  
  • It's important that my providers know how much I appreciate them and the work that they do. Weekly, I touch base with each traveler to ensure they know I'm always here for them while on assignment.
  • I work with seasoned providers as well as new graduates looking to kick start their careers in travel work.
  • I'm extremely passionate about my job and fight to find the best-suited positions for each person based on their needs, skills, and experience level. 
  • Referrals continue to be my main source for finding new providers looking to get into travel therapy or looking to make a change. Do you have someone in mind that you could refer? 

We offer $500 tax-free referral bonuses! 

Please contact me if you are interested in working together or if you have a referral to share!

Shanda Gomez
Principal Travel Recruiter
Direct Line: (214) 442-4424 (call or text)
Email: [email protected]


You're ready to take the next step. We'll guide you through.

By offering a lifestyle of freedom and adventure, courage and confidence, choices and flexibility, Delta Healthcare Providers quickly finds and qualifies the right healthcare providers to their optimal employment opportunity since 1997.

Providing excellent customer service is our priority, and we take pride in the fact that our permanent and travel departments have been named to Inavero's Best of Staffing Lists through direct feedback from existing customers. We are among the one percent of staffing agencies in the nation to receive this recognition.

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January 20, 2017

by Christina

Shanda is absolutely charismatic and really strives to make you feel comfortable with finding a job that will fit your needs and flexibility. She ensures that you have a smooth transition and is satisfied with extra support, making it feel like a friendship than just a business relationship.

January 20, 2017

by Sarah C

I have been 100% percent satisfied in having Shanda as my recruiter since day 1. Everything she says in her bio is true! She took the time initially to find out what is important to me as a traveler personally and professionally (being near doggy day cares for my pup and a positive work environment that will present me with opportunities to further my career). She anticipates questions that I will have about potential positions and finds out the answers before she even contacts me! Shanda is personable, kind, and well spoken-- I trust in her to represent me professionally!

January 21, 2017

by Jane

Shanda is absolutely wonderful to work with. She really strives to make you feel comfortable with finding a job that will fit your needs and flexibility. She ensures that you have a smooth transition and all your needs are taken care of. She makes you feel like it is a friendship than just a business relationship.

January 22, 2017

by Katie L

Shanda has been an unbelieveable recruiter!! She is so attentive and on her game whenever I need her help with anything! She really cares about her travelers and works so hard to get the very best she can for her people! I would recommend her to anyone! If you're looking for a great experience with traveling for work Shanda is your woman! No doubt.

January 23, 2017

by Kelsey K

My experience working with Shanda was wonderful! Right from the start she was working tirelessly to find a good match for me. And I really appreciated that she seemed to be always available and would deal with any questions I had so quickly! You can tell she really cares about her travellers having good experiences. She was friendly, accessible, knowledgeable, and an overall really great recruiter! I was very happy to work with Shanda and highly recommend her.
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