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Hi, I'm Reva and I want to work with you! I have over 5 years of experience working in Staffing and I LOVE Recruiting. My job is my passion and I love to help others achieve their career goals. I help Radiology and Cardiopulmonary Professionals fulfill their dreams of travel, adventure and financial freedom. I specialize in Radiology Tech, Sonography, and Respiratory Therapy. Reach out to me for more details!


As a boutique firm offering specialized, personalized and consultative recruiting services for health care professionals, CrossMed is large enough to offer all the same opportunities, pay, benefits and perks of the mega corporations while still treating you like a member of our family. We are humble and take a servant-leadership approach to what we do. We are relentless in finding the right assignments for our travelers and pride ourselves on being accountable to deliver results. Proudly owned and operated by women.


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