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Enjoy short and long-term contracts in cities from coast-to-coast while taking advantage of our 15 year relationship with over 1,300 facilities nationwide. You'll experience personal, lasting relationships with our recruiters and team members who work together to ensure you're contracted to work year-round (if that's what you want) in the cities you love most!

Competitive Pay & Year-Round Employment

Join our team of therapists who filled more than 4,000 jobs in the last two years alone and enjoy recruiters who are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll enjoy help at every stage of the job seeking process from interviews to relocation while getting exactly the contracts you want.


July 25, 2017

by Karla B

I started with Jackson Therapy last fall from the recommendation of a friend who used to work with the company. She said they had fair pay, very transparent, awesome benefits, helped you with every step of the way. So I reached out pretty early and Samantha kept in touch with me monthly until I was ready to start traveling. She never put pressure on me to take a contract I wasn't ready for. I was always hesitant with traveling because of the horror stories I've heard. I also had only been an OT for 1.5 years so I was worried I didn't have enough experience. JTP has been the most transparent company. Samantha always knows her job openings, she is flexible and feels like she is always available. She always has a game plan to make sure the job benefits you. If I have an issue she deals with it asap, and if you have a question she will seek out the answer and have it to you in hours. She is so professional and you can tell she loves her job. If she is not available there are other really helpful people in the office. Benefits start day one and go through breaks between contracts. Pay is great. They are very organized as far as paperwork, licensing, etc (it's a lot) but then you have nothing to worry about or turn in when you start. Samantha always check in on you- whether it's a weekly call or a text, and even though JTP is a large company, it doesn't feel like it. I have enjoyed working with her and the contracts I've been placed it.