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Concentric Healthcare Staffing is the last recruiting partner you will ever need. We provide solid, scalable staffing solutions that make sense for your facility. With competitive rates and experienced staff, Concentric Healthcare professionals are not just skilled, but motivated and dedicated to top notch performance.  

We are confident that our staff will not only meet, but exceed the expectations you have for your facility. And we support that confidence through rigorous screening processes that include (but are not limited to): criminal background, drug screens, motor vehicle reports, educational verification and employment confirmation.

Even further, we conduct individual behavioral interviews to look for a history of success, longevity, and consistency.  At Concentric Healthcare, we take staffing partnerships seriously and you will notice the difference.

We can deliver the professionals you need, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we mean 24/7 – we never utilize an answering service. When you call Concentric Healthcare Staffing at our Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters, you will speak with a real Concentric employee who can help evaluate and fill your staffing needs as quickly as possible.  

Choose from a wide range of healthcare staffing solutions:

  • Per Diem/Local
  • Travel and Block Booking
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Direct Placement


June 22, 2022

by Marti Zordel

it’s probably better to start with what can’t I say about how great Kiana is!!! As a middle-aged professional struggling to get new lease on life I was lucky to have been placed in the professional hands of Kiana. She advised me she led me she comforted me she looked out for me and she gave me my independent life back. She pulled out all the stops to get me vetted through Concentrix. She guided me and followed me every step of the way! On a professional note, I have had, what one could say, a miserable last two years. With losing a grandchild, my mother, a long-term relationship, and the world we all endured with the Covid pandemic, Kiana is one of the individuals that gave me a new lease on life. I will forever be indebted to her . She will always be in my prayers. And I from this day forth, I will consider her a friend! Please recognize Kiana‘s professionalism, tenacity, and “never give up attitude “as being one of the best recruiters in the business!!! I will be recommending Kiana and Concentric’s to anyone who is looking to travel! Thank you Kiana for being an angel on earth!!!