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Bob Murray

800 657 6517 ext 233
6 Reviews



by Todd M


Bob will definitely take good care of you and up front and honest with you.

by Vadim Kravets

Occupational Therapist

I have enjoyed working with Bob for over a year. I highly recommend him, if you choose to become a contract therapist. He is very responsive, always available, skilled negotiator who always has your best interests in mind.

by Sandra Wilcox

Speech-Language Pathologist

I enjoy working for a company with integrity. Bob is one of the reasons MAS is so good! He works very hard to make sure therapists are happy & able to do our job. He is the standard all recruiters should strive to reach!

by Michelle Martines


I have had the privilege of working with Bob Murray for over 4 years . Bob has made my experience working as a PTA traveler one that's been exciting as well as a wonderful opportunity to see and explore different areas and meet great people . Bob has always made sure that I am satisfied and compensated on all of my travel locations . Its important to me that I feel comfortable and can rely on my recruiter to look out for my best interests and someone I can trust and after this long working together I could not imagine doing business with any other company . Thanks Bob

by Jocqueline Spencer

Occupational Therapy Practitioner

Bob is a great recruiter. He explains situations in great detail, matches you with facilities/companies that benefit you both financially and personality wise. MAS has been a great company to work for.
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