Nick Bess

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Nick earned his bachelor's degree in criminal justice with a certificate in security studies and dietetics. He's currently a registered and licensed dietitian.

Joining the TaleMed Allied Health team in 2019, his other interests include woodworking, listening to podcasts/audiobooks and hiking.

The mantra of "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." guides his professonal way of life.



Loveland, OH


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by Jennifer Klaft


I could not ask for a better recruiter! I was very excited to start my travel career but even though I was excited I was also very nervous! Nick made the process of going on my first assignment extremely comfortable and stress free. He’s so friendly and it’s been easy to connect with him on a personal and professional level making it a fun process as well! Its been like working with a close friend! I can’t thank him enough for his time and efforts in making this career a reality for me and always look forward to working with him! It’s an incredible feeling being in a new place and knowing I have a recruiter like Nick who’s got my back. Thank you so much Nick and the rest of the TaleMed team!

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