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Enjoy short and long-term contracts in cities from coast-to-coast while taking advantage of our 11 year relationship with over 1,300 facilities nationwide. You'll experience personal, lasting relationships with our recruiters and team members who work together to ensure you're contracted to work year-round (if that's what you want) in the cities you love most!

Competitive Pay & Year-Round Employment

Join our team of therapists who filled more than 4,000 jobs in the last two years alone and enjoy recruiters who are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll enjoy help at every stage of the job seeking process from interviews to relocation while getting exactly the contracts you want.

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by Karen Adamson


Robbie has been great to work with. He has been consistent, responsive, upfront and honest. I had other recruiters claim they could pay me more money, but then they were unavailable and did not respond when I had questions or concerns. One recruiter kept requiring me to resend information that I had completed previously.

I felt confident working with Robbie that he could help me with anything I needed, and would follow through with anything he said he would do, and he did!

I worked with other recruiters a few years ago as a traveling therapist, and I didn't always feel I was being treated fairly. I enjoyed working with Robbie. He is one of the best I've worked with!

by Courtney


Robbie has been the most professional, approachable and real recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is attentive to my interests regarding the work environment and the experience I’m seeking, and has taken great care in ensuring I am happy and feeling supported with my travel assignment. He works hard to maintain open communication and is always upfront and honest. I would always recommend working with Robbie to anyone looking to further their therapy career through travel. Thanks for everything!

by Chuck Harrison


Robbie Guess is professional, courteous and invested. I have found him to be refreshing in comparison to others in that he informs you accordingly , but also makes suggestions without being aggressive or pushy. Robbie Guess, or Obi Wan as I enjoy calling him has worked out a number of opportunities for me and to keep it simple....I trust him .
Chuck Harrison PT...

by Megan

Occupational therapist

Robbie was phenomenal to work with. Robbie was always available, checked in with me weekly, and made my job so easy. Due to circumstances out of both of our controls, I had to be directly employed by the facility instead of continuing with Jackson. However, I highly recommend anyone wanting to work with a contracting company to work with Robbie.

by braun


Robbie is down to earth and straight forward. He's good to communicate with and is available after hours. Good recruiter to work with. Thanks.
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