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Enjoy short and long-term contracts in cities from coast-to-coast while taking advantage of our 11 year relationship with over 1,300 facilities nationwide. You'll experience personal, lasting relationships with our recruiters and team members who work together to ensure you're contracted to work year-round (if that's what you want) in the cities you love most!

Competitive Pay & Year-Round Employment

Join our team of therapists who filled more than 4,000 jobs in the last two years alone and enjoy recruiters who are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll enjoy help at every stage of the job seeking process from interviews to relocation while getting exactly the contracts you want.

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by Luke

Physical Therapist

Robbie has been an amazing recruiter and resource since our first contact. Even as I was working with two other companies, he was consistently willing to offer advice and answer questions that I had, making sure I was asking the right questions with those other companies. He has my best interest in mind even when there might be a possibility that I don’t take every assignment with his company.

He is the most upfront and honest recruiter I’ve worked with, never any sugarcoating of a contract or situation from him. I booked my travel PT assignment with Robbie and Jackson Therapy; he was patient and thorough explaining all aspects of the traveling business. I travel with my wife, RN, so we are limited and specific when looking for assignments. Robbie is quick to let me know what jobs are available and when I would say “no thanks” to certain jobs, his response is always “we’ll keep looking, won’t stop until we find you something.” He’s called and answered my phone calls in and outside “office hours”, while at home with his family, and on the road. Since I am just starting out, I’ve appreciated how well Robbie has coached me like a friend instead being all business. Highly recommend Robbie for those new travelers and seasoned if you want a recruiter that’s going to tell you how it is and work tirelessly for you!

by Alec


Robbie is excellent at what he does. He’s a great communicator and is always willing to work with what’s available. His flexibility is unmatched!

by Meghan Zanmiller


There aren't enough good things that could be said about Robbie as a recruiter. He was always available to answer any question, and would always give an honest opinion regarding any concerns. He is willing to work with you to find your perfect fit instead of forcing a placement just to fill a position. I would definitely remind him to anyone looking to get into traveling or looking for a new recruiter.

by Nicole


Robbie is an excellent Recuriter. I have been working with him for 3+ years and he has always been upfront with me. He knows the ins and outs of the travel therapy world. He is always available to answer any questions and goes the extra mile to ensure that his therapists have a positive travel contract experience. I have referred him to all my therapy friends! My husband and I are both traveling OTs and Robbie has Been very accommodating to ensure that we both land jobs in a close proximity. Highly recommend Robbie

by Andrew Stillberger


Robbie is very accessible and always willing to be available for any questions I come across as a contract therapist. He has been a valuable resource and I would recommend Robbie as an excellent contact for new and veteran therapists looking for travel therapy opportunities.
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