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2007 was a tumultuous one for me.  Started off in radio advertising, then decided I wanted to get to the next level.  So I wound up on the umployment line for the next 6 months.  Then I landed on the front doorsteps of a luxious office building in downtown Dallas.  Platinum Select; where outrageous meets creativity. We were a rowdy bunch of beautiful folks passionate about staffing.  We did something right.  Eventually we were bought by the mighty AMN Healthcare, perhaps you heard of them, the biggest healthcare staffing company in the country.  

A few years later, we were ultimately transitioned to their successful brand, Med Travelers.    I have been making friends and finding people jobs since then.  I love what I do and committed to providing a memorable experience for those who choose to travel with me.  

Every year, AMN Healthcare selects 5 team members to send to Guatemala to help install water filters and build stoves.  What an amazing form of community service.   I am very fortunate to be chosen as one of the allustrious 5.    Check out my submission video below.  



Med Travelers

Irving, TX

Med Travelers

Med Travelers is the leader in allied healthcare staffing. We have exclusive relationships with leading healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Whether you specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, or virtually any other allied health discipline or specialty, you'll find the widest selection of allied health employment opportunities nationwide at Med Travelers.

At Med Travelers, you’ll enjoy top pay, comprehensive insurance coverage, complimentary private housing and many other exclusive benefits.

Get your career off the ground with Med Travelers and let us help you succeed. Apply now.


by Jeff Eckert

Respiratory therapist

Jamil has been awesome to work with! He Is always working hard to get my contracts and stays in communication. He answers all my questions and helps me when I need it. He answers his emails promptly and keeps me informed. I would highly recommend Jamil to anyone looking to travel!

by Harold D Jenkins


When I started this, I signed up with a few agencies. A few recruiters were on the ball and making an effort. Jamil not only was one of the "go getters", he quickly got results. I never felt out of the loop with him. I have since shortened my list of recruiters I check in with to three. I highly recommend Jamil to be on everyone's list.

by Ellaine


Jamil is awesome!!! I've had a few recruiters in the past with different travel companies and I must say Jamil is one of the best ones! I was out of the country for about 3 and a half weeks prior to my assignment. Being that this would be the first assignment with Jamil's company I had to have a lot of paperworks done and things signed. Long story short, Jamil made it happen!! He was communicating with me almost every day during both getting the assignment (which was hard because I wanted something specific and I had almost a month gap between assignments.. my previous recruiter couldn't even find me anything because she said it was too far out). But, Jamil got me to the assignment that when I came back to the country I packed up and headed out to my new assignment. Also, there was a discrepancy with my check in the beginning because of when my assignment started. Jamil made it so easy and painless to get it fixed because he got me in touch with the right people right away that I got it the very next week (didn't even have to wait for the next check to come). I only brought up that last one because I've had almost the same incident with my last company and my recruiter there didn't do anything about it until I called her manager.

by Brittny

Medical Technologist

Jamil is absolutely amazing. I tried being a traveler about 2 years ago with another company. I was with them for a year and NEVER got an assignment. I applied to AMN but I was weary because the previous agency failed me. I just kept working my regular FT job and turned down offers to travel. Fast forward to last year, Jamil got assigned to me. I got my first travel assignment within 2 weeks. Im about to start my 2nd assignment. Thanks to him, I had 3 interviews in less than 2 weeks. He is very helpful and has a extremely pleasant personality. Can’t thank him enough for his hard work.

by Lauren

Clinical Social Worker

Jamil was the third recruiter I've worked with in my travel career and he quickly became my favorite (out of 3 different agencies). He is always prompt in his communication and truly cares about his clients needs and wishes. He has checked on me even when I'm no longer on an assignment with Med Travelers which makes him the first person I reach out to when I'm thinking of traveling again. He's also very forth coming with the details of assignments and willing to go above and beyond to negotiate you the best outcome.
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