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2007 was a tumultuous one for me.  Started off in radio advertising, then decided I wanted to get to the next level.  So I wound up on the umployment line for the next 6 months.  Then I landed on the front doorsteps of a luxious office building in downtown Dallas.  Platinum Select; where outrageous meets creativity. We were a rowdy bunch of beautiful folks passionate about staffing.  We did something right.  Eventually we were bought by the mighty AMN Healthcare, perhaps you heard of them, the biggest healthcare staffing company in the country.  

A few years later, we were ultimately transitioned to their successful brand, Med Travelers.    I have been making friends and finding people jobs since then.  I love what I do and committed to providing a memorable experience for those who choose to travel with me.  

Every year, AMN Healthcare selects 5 team members to send to Guatemala to help install water filters and build stoves.  What an amazing form of community service.   I am very fortunate to be chosen as one of the allustrious 5.    Check out my submission video below.  



Med Travelers

Irving, TX

Med Travelers

Med Travelers is the leader in allied healthcare staffing. We have exclusive relationships with leading healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Whether you specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, or virtually any other allied health discipline or specialty, you'll find the widest selection of allied health employment opportunities nationwide at Med Travelers.

At Med Travelers, you’ll enjoy top pay, comprehensive insurance coverage, complimentary private housing and many other exclusive benefits.

Get your career off the ground with Med Travelers and let us help you succeed. Apply now.


by Marjorie

Clinical Social Worker

It's so obvious that Jamil has a passion for what he does. It's especially important and meaningful that he takes every case with such thoughtfulness and creativity. He has done just that in our shared virtual time. Continued growth and Congrats on a job well done. It's only beginning. Thank you :)

by Cee Cee


Jamil is the Best. I was referred to him by a friend some years before I traveled with MT. It was easy to get started when I was ready. I found him easy to talk with; he listenef to my travel needs and worked with the company to make adjustments as I needed them.
I travel with a small dog. He never forgets that. I am looking forward to starting my 3rd travel assignment with him!
To know Jamil is to have him as your recruiter and wait for smooth sailing!
Thanks Jamil for all that you do!

by Richard


I have worked with Jamil for years. Before working with him, I bumped around from recruiter to recruiter because it was difficult to connect with them. It was not unusual that I found myself educating new recruiters on what was appropriate/possibly in PT travel contracts. Jamil does not exaggerate on what AMN can deliver and his honest/frank talk is what keeps me coming back. I think one of his best talents is picking up on what is important to you as an individual traveler. He returns calls and it's apparent that he is wholly involved in his recruiter profession. And he is funny to talk with!!! I have send several PTs his way and they have all thanked me for doing it. This review is really overdue------Thanks Jamil.

by Susan Cinkay


So glad I found Jamil amongst a sea of inept, robot like recruiters. He made work seem less like work and I looked forward to hearing from him. He made all of his therapists seem special and he knows our interests and worked hard to find a fit just for us. Many travel companies out there but only one Jamil and that's why I stayed.

by Susan

Physical Therapist

I was very skeptical about talking to a travel recruiter.....and then I met Jamil! His personality to say the least is one of a kind. If you add that in combination with his resourcefulness, personality, dedication, personality, ease of availability, personality, honesty, personality, shoot it to you straight attitude, oh and did I say personality then you get the most amazing recruiter. I always receive a quick response when I reach out to Jamil wether it's by phone or email. I enjoy surrounding myself with positive people and that includes the people I work with on a professional level. Jamil fits that role. It's always a disappointment when Jamil is on vacation and another recruiter takes over for a few days. That's when you realize how he goes above and beyond others. Thanks Jamil for being you!!!!
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