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2007 was a tumultuous one for me.  Started off in radio advertising, then decided I wanted to get to the next level.  So I wound up on the umployment line for the next 6 months.  Then I landed on the front doorsteps of a luxious office building in downtown Dallas.  Platinum Select; where outrageous meets creativity. We were a rowdy bunch of beautiful folks passionate about staffing.  We did something right.  Eventually we were bought by the mighty AMN Healthcare, perhaps you heard of them, the biggest healthcare staffing company in the country.  

A few years later, we were ultimately transitioned to their successful brand, Med Travelers.    I have been making friends and finding people jobs since then.  I love what I do and committed to providing a memorable experience for those who choose to travel with me.  

Every year, AMN Healthcare selects 5 team members to send to Guatemala to help install water filters and build stoves.  What an amazing form of community service.   I am very fortunate to be chosen as one of the allustrious 5.    Check out my submission video below.  



Med Travelers

Dallas, TX

Med Travelers

Med Travelers is the leader in allied healthcare staffing. We have exclusive relationships with leading healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Whether you specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, Repiratory Therapy, Cath lab, CT or Ultrasound along with many other Allied Health disciplines, you'll find the widest selection of  employment opportunities nationwide at Med Travelers.

At Med Travelers, you’ll enjoy top pay, comprehensive insurance coverage, complimentary private housing and many other exclusive benefits.

Get your career off the ground with Med Travelers and let us help you succeed. Apply now.


by Judy Jackson


Jamil is great! Always there for us.

by Shirley Rogers


I've been a traveler for about 8-9 years and and worked with Jamil for most of them and he is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with !!! He has worked with me for almost my entire traveling career and is always my#1 choice for my assignments. He always has my best interests in mind and is always there for me whenever and wherever I need him. I absolutely adore him and have only the upmost high regards and respect for him ! He is absolutely amazing ! He is without a doubt THE BEST !!! Keep up the great fantastic work Jamil. After all these years we've worked together... I hope someday we get to meet !!!

by Lauren

He’s so great!

Jamil is awesome! He’s so responsive and always has answers for anything I need or can direct me towards someone who has the answers for me. What really keeps me working with Jamil over other travel agencies is his communication. He is always checking in and seeing how I’m doing. Thanks Jamil!

by Doris Nieves


Joining Med Travelers was one of the best things I ever did for myself. With the help of my spectacular recruiter. Jamil Sipes, I can dictate my work days and locations. Jamil is always great support, friendly and thoughtful with his opinions of what facility would suit me best. Overall Med travelers employees are professional and helped me stay on top of all requirements and job offers. No regrets!

by Percival Fisher

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Since 2015, Jamil has been a true professional in helping me transition from full time "traditional" employment to becoming a "traveling professional"! He made my transition "seamless"! Jamil exemplifies what a recruiter should be...honest, fair, professional, and has "personality" when interacting with other clinicians! He does his best to find or match the best assignment for you and if there is a problem, he will solve it!!! Its truly has been a pleasure working with him at Medtravellers! I would highly recommend him to any LCSW or allied professional who is seeking a traveling opportunity. You will have a great experience!
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