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Skyelynn McAdams

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by Judy A Myers


This company came to my attention while visiting tables at the AOTA conference as a graduating student. My goals were to try specific travel opportunities as an occupational therapist, live near some of my adult children, and acquire as much varied experience as possible. After researching some of the issues therapists were having with their recruiters such as difficulty to reach, nonresponsive to the travel therapist once placed in a facility, misleading information about the position or the travel agency; I decided to choose an agency primarily based on a recruiter I felt I could trust.
Skyelynn McAdams came through for me from the beginning of our meeting at AOTA. Skyelynn and her business associate patiently answered my questions about how traveling works, qualifications, and the payment system used, repeating as needed for my understanding. As my recruiter, she was always available or let me know who I could contact when she was not. When issues arose with a facility where I was placed, she was in contact with me immediately and gave guidance on how to resolve them. She took the time to get to know me, and based on a relationship of trust she was my advocate, my cheerleader, and coach when I needed one. Nearly a year after leaving Maxim/Reflectx for a permanent position, Skyelynn responded quickly to my request for information on my employment with Reflectx.
As a traveling therapist, my husband and I spent 6 months in Florida exploring on weekends at a leisure pace: the outdoors, bicycle paths, nature, local attractions and amenities. He even volunteered at a Valspar golf tournament. We took a long weekend to see the Everglades, snorkel at a national reserve, and visit Key West. We lived within a few hours of our adult son, and spent extra time with him that was not possible from our home in PA.
After this experience, we hoped to live near our other 2 children but found that getting positions where we wanted them, when we wanted them was more difficult than anticipated due to market fluctuations. The Reflectx team worked hard to meet my plan A, plan B, and plan C desires. I highly recommend a travel experience with Maxim/Reflectx and may very well be knocking on their door again in the future.

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