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A dynamic individual with the ability to work effectively in diverse environments while identifying opportunities and implementing solutions, through excellent interpersonal communication skills and an outstanding work ethic. Through my relationship skills, I establish credibility and gain the trust of others by consistently delivering.

Whether you want to travel the country or settle down, gain new experiences or make new friends, I won't stop until I connect you with the best Radiology, Respiratory, Laboratory and Oncology jobs that align with your personal and professional goals.


Titan Medical

Omaha, NE

We Take Care of You.

While the availability of medical technicians and professionals becomes increasingly limited, there seems to be no shortage of staffing firms. That’s why Titan Medical works hard to distinguish itself through our responsiveness, our candidates and our attentiveness to your individual needs. When we say, “We take care of you.” We mean it – both to the medical professionals we represent and the healthcare organizations that rely on us for quality candidates.

Founded by experienced medical professional recruiters and healthcare human resource professionals, Titan Medical was created as an alternative to other staffing resources. We found that by focusing on the needs of the individuals we served, we were able to attract higher quality candidates and clients in need of their services.

It’s a risk that paid off, making Titan Medical one of the leading medical professional staffing firms in the country. Our candidates include the very best in the fields of radiation oncology, rehabilitation, respiratory care, radiology services, nursing and medical laboratory have to offer. Our clients represent the broad diversity of the healthcare industry today – from leading national and regional healthcare centers to traditional hospitals, specialty care clinics and other centers of care.

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by Casey Johnson

Laboratory Technologist

Brittney has been one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I am new to traveling jobs and she has been an invaluable resource for me. Within days of becoming available for my first traveling job she managed to get me my first traveling job. She listens to my interests and preferences so she can work to get me placed in the best place for me. Even after I was placed she stayed in contact with me and has been an advocate for my well being "on the road". I intend to keep working with her as long as I can and also to continue with Titan Medical.

by Brittany

Cardiac Sonographer

Brittney is awesome! When we talk she always listens to what I want and follows through with it! She checks up on you during your assignment and makes sure you're satisfied. Also I loved the fact that she text me to travel safe when I left my last assignment! Lovely person and a pleasure to work with!

by Deborah


Always pleasant when speaking with her and very helpful. Very nice and respectful person with great manners. Very understanding of my issues with not good phone service where I live and willing to work with me on that whether it was by email etc.

by Liz Panetta

Lab technologist

Brittney is very serious and focused. She takes the time to really get to know you and know what your needs and wants are so she can find a job for you which is a good match. When I talk I can tell she is really listening. I get the feeling she is very smart and has developed a lot of strategy in the performance of her job. I feel like I'm in the hands of a Pro when I work with her.

by Tommy

Medical Laboratory Technician

When Brittney called me the first time, it was quite refreshing! She has a way to make you want to open up to her. She wants to know how you are doing. Brittney knew what and where I wanted to start working. She sincerely cares and that is a plus. She wants only good people to work for her company. What I think is important, she lets the person she is talking to take the lead. Brittney also wants to know as much as she can so she can help you find the right situation that will benefit you! Everyone has something that drives them she remembers these things, and when Brittney calls she is very upbeat. I'm very glad she gave me this opportunity. Brittney is very sincere and really interested in the people who work with her. Brittney has morals and manners which never goes out of style! Keep up the great work!!
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