Charles Salley

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A bio? Really?  Fine, but don't look for the truth here-   Born to a famously beautiful and kind princess who had been captured by an evil overlord, Charles grew up confused about his life and career choices.  His father encouraged using a magnifying glass on ants and land wars in Asia, while his mother tought songs to love birds and tended to injured forest animals. At 12, Charles ran off to join the Circus. His love for loud noises and attention paid great divends as the boy who got shot out of the Cannon.  He lived happily among the Circus people until a tragic accident involving the bearded lady and her husand Tom Thumb and an awkawardly placed tent stake.  When the authorites finally left and the flashing lights faded, Charles decided that it was time for a change, and the exciting life of a recruiter was for him.  Now he anxiously awaits your call.  




by Bianka Y Wallace


He is an excellent recruiter that takes the time to find you quality work and pay; he also will go the extra mile to help you with finding housing while traveling. Mr Charles Salley is a good guy to work for and Soliant Health is a great company to travel for; they are one of the top companies to work for.

by Sherry


Charles is great. He's very attentive and spends a lot of time getting to know your needs to place you where you wanna be.

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