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Ryan Hughes

Anders Group
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A go-getter focused on finding the best positions & most money possible for my travelers. Very personable, knowledgeable, & reliable, I make sure traveling is the best career choice & experience you'll have. Call anytime at 972-573-6093, or my cell at 972-795-9040.


Anders Group

Irving, TX

Are you a skilled health professional looking for a new opportunity? At Anders Group you will have a single point of contact from day one. From our corporate office in Dallas, TX, Anders Group connects top tier candidates and leading healthcare facilities, nationwide. We focus on individual needs to provide rewarding job placements.

You’ve worked hard to earn top credentials and deliver outstanding service. You deserve the same attention and service you give to your patients. At Anders Group, a single recruiter will:

  • Interview you, to understand your skills, goals, personality and work preferences
  • Simplify your search for the ideal opportunities
  • Actively search for new assignments, to ease transitions between assignments

Use your skills in a permanent position or travel throughout the nation on 13 week assignments. Whether you want to work in a rural clinic or a fast-paced city hospital, we have opportunities to fit what you are looking for!


by Alexander Stewart


Always goes above and beyond to help out! It's been a pleasure working with Ryan in lining up contracts.

by Melissa Amyx

RT (R)

Ryan is absolutely amazing!!! He is always bending over backwards to help me with any issues that I may have! I've had several recruiters over the years and Ryan is by far my favorite!!



Having Ryan as my recruiter has been great. Although I'm barely on my second assignment I've been working with him a few months before my first assignment and have built a great relationship with him. He's been honest and informative since the very beginning and when any issues have come up he's worked quickly to resolve them. The easiness of getting in contact with him is what I love the most. Whether he's at the office, taking days off or enjoying his weekend I can simply call or text him at any time knowing I'll get a reply. With the joys of traveling comes the pain of a little paperwork; However Ryan makes the transition as smooth as possible. With so many things expected from starting your first assignment to the new requirements of the next, it's easy to lose track of what you need. Despite this Ryan is on top of it all making you feel as if you are his only traveler. He's been there every step of the way making my traveling experience better than I imagined. I know that with him I'll never find myself unemployed because he's already got a new assignment lined up before the end of the current one.

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